and i didnt start panic attacks till a few months ago

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    we walked around here like zombies, they named a lot of streets here after people a few i knew one girl was pregant her husband is still not right i feel so sorry for him my sons coach worked for canter fiztgerald my cousins father did also now when i look out the window theres a big space i thank god i was on vacation i guess it was not my time it was very sad now i panic over everything never did before. dont take trains or bus es anymore, my sis in a cop she said the clean up was so bad she was thrwing up for days a shoe with a foot in it things like that i pray everyone is happy in heaven its the only way to get through u gotta belive in god and i do my brother died of aids in 94 i watched him suffer but i kow hes with god he got saved be fore he died he was my only sibling and my best friend i miss him but he is with the father i want to be with tem one day also sorry for the sad stuff i am feeling alot better since u guys prayed, val
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    i need u guys to i will come often its a great site i dont have a church here, thank u i will also be praying for you and yours, val
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    give you a grandma hug - I will keep you in my prayers - yes do come here often; and talk w/ us as much as you need to - we will listen.

    Did you know that you will be prayed for every day? This board has a 24 hour prayer circle, besides the Thursaday nite prayer hour. We love you.

    Grandma Marian
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    Hello Val,

    You sure have been thru alot and I hope by visiting site ,it can do the thing for you, as it has done for me. Msinly knowing that there are alots people here that care about you and will pray for you, By praying for you and you praying, it will bring you closer to the Lord. You will always feel his presence.

    Dear Lord, I pray that you will heal Val from her panic attacks and make her feel whole again. Let her know that you are always by her side and holding her hand. Please guide her to you and bring her peace and comfort. In Jesus name, amen.