and now a hurricane

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  1. Jittle

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    cause a earthquake wasn't enough for one week, now the hurricane will be here by tomorrow. I already had enough pain from the weather yesterday and do not want to deal with hot tropical weather. I can feel it already, and do not have enough pain meds to get me through.

    Hubby is blowing is off, but I dont know if our little house can handle the wind for 24 hours like that, plus ten inches of rain. I hope I have a house come monday.
  2. kat0465

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    Make sure, you have all meds, water, food, gas, for at least ten days!! Better safe than sorry.

    I live On the gulf coast, so I know how frightening it is. We had Rita in 05 and Ike in 08. It was awful!
    Fir what it's worth I have a small frame home on piers, and it stood both quite well. And believe me it's not the best built house on the block,lol
    We did loose half the roof( shingles) thank god my husbands company came and tarped it for us before we got back from running from the storm.
    I'll be praying for ya!!

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    Best of luck to you and your hubby. Kat gave all good info. I also live in TX but not right on the coast. However, we got it bad also from IKE. It blew down a 400 year old tree in our neighbors yard. Thank God it didnt fall the other way and hit either of our homes. We were also without a/c and elctricity for almost about 5 days, if I remember correctly but others had it much worse than that.

    Don't forget a radio and or TV that runs on batteries . A radio that you can get your local station is wonderful. It surely helped us. Told us where to pick up ice, water, and what ever else they were giving out. They were selling generators like candy !! You should have seen some of the lines.

    I know what you mean about pain. I also have FM and arthritis so I have pain every day too.

    God bless you and hope all goes well for you and DH,

  4. Jonsparky

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    Good luck to you and your house, I know the increase in the barometric pressure can increase the pain. Luckily the hurricane is losing energy and speed. I don't know where you are located, but it is reduced to a Cat 2 and will soon be Cat 1. Hope this will mean less damage to the homestead!
    Good luck!
  5. Jittle

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    thanks everyone for well wishes. Rain started a few hours ago, no heavy wind yet. Already in bad pain from my hips down: Its hurts just to sit, let alone walk. Hubby got his act together and worked on the house yesterday, hope we did a good enough job. We are like the only ones are our street who seem to prepare. They are saying about 7-10 inches of rain. One scary but interesting thing we heard, Atlantic City.... the bay and ocean may come together and flood the city. It did that many many years ago in another town down the beach, now it is part of the ocean where it use to be land. We actually went out and got food (lol) our refrig never has been so full. Dont think the pizza shop will be delivering any time soon.
  6. Jittle

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    yea!!!, but I hope I did not say that too soon.

    Lost power for a little while last night. I flipped out as soon as it happened. I cannot go without air conditioning with weather like this, the humidity and rain increases my pain and I start to have breathing problems instantly and I got stressed out as soon as the lights went out. Thank goodness it was fixed within a few hours.

    have a few small leaks in the basement, and a more steady one in the laundry room. We were emptying buckets for a few hours early this morning. Rain stopped for a little while, but suppose to start again soon. the front door could not keep up: rain in between the glass door and front door. Same with back door. I have the air on, and space heaters all over drying out the house. They keep saying flood waters will still rise: here's hopeing all stays ok

    No damage to house or yard thats I can tell. I was worried about old trees right next to house but they held up.

    If anyone else is on east coast hope you are doing ok. Check in if you need to