And what was it that Lyrica is supposed to do?

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    Last Monday I saw a new Neurologist, and was put onto Lyrica not only to help with certain side effects of the FM but also beause for the past few months I've had extreme 'head pain' to the point of uncontrollable bleeding. I say 'head pains' only because I have a long history of migraines - and this pain is DEFINATELY not migraine related.

    Lyrica was supposed to provide control for the head pains, relief for the FM symptoms, as well as help me to sleep - all while waiting for an MRI this month.

    It's been well over the time period for this med to start working, but nothing!

    Head pains and nose bleeds are still going strong, there's been no relief for any symptoms; FM or otherwise. No change in my sleeping patterns. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    Not even the side effects I was told I would experience!!

    There's been no extra tingling in my fingers or toes, no random forgetfulness, and none of the "super stupid" everyone warned me about!

    It's like my body isn't even recognizing that it's there. I'm upto 150mg am & pm. Shouldn't I be noticing SOMETHING?

    I've heard horror storied about the drug - but not one of it having absolutely no effect what so ever!

    Does anyone out there know what's going on here?

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    Anybody? lol
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    this is not normal. I was given Lyrcia is add to my narcotic medications to try to stop the severe pain in my feet and to a degree my hands. I was hesitant because of the cognitive problems that Neurontin caused me. I was to start with 50mg at night for 4 nights. The first night that I added Lyrcia to my cocktail of medicines that were suppose to make me sleep (but they were not working),I slept to 10 am. I could not believe it. As I tried to increase the doseage, I began getting all the nasty side effects that I got from Neurontin although as with Neurontin, it did help so much with my pain.

    I only take that one pill at night with my other meds and it was the answer for sleep to me. It has meant so much for me to sleep. Although I still wake up fatigued, I no longer dread the night.