And yet another uninformed doctornot sure what to do next.

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    In my search to find a doc to diagnose my problem I thought that I had finally found one so when she diagnosed me with FM and sent me to a Reumy to confirm it. I was put on meds for sleep and after years of sleep problems I finally am able to sleep like a log. Called the pharmacy for a refill only to find the doc went on vacation after writing in my file no more meds until I am seen by a shrink. I was just in her office less than a week ago and she never mentioned it. As I only have two more pills left am ready to really lose it. Have called every shrink in the city but not one will see me for various reasons, 'not taking any more patients, wont take medicare, etc'. One did say I could not be seen by anyone for at least 3 weeks even if one could be found. Called the Reumy and was told that only my primary doc could order refills. He was the one with more knowledge and said during my visit to "absolutely not to go off my meds" I am at my wits end right now. Thanks for listening because needed to vent
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    That is soo aggravating, they put you on something and then for one reason or another you can't get a refill. Like my mom, she's already doing everything they ask her to do and then they don't mention that she needs to have a blood work done or something before they will refill...just let us know what we need to do ahead of time!!
    And you doctor should have told you that the first time she saw you and still made refills available, I have never been able to call a shrink and get an appointment within the first 2 months!!

    Sorry, Good luck!
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    and don't know what I would do without you. Finally managed to get a 15 day supply of meds while I wait for the doc to come back from her vacation. However, I am certainly looking for another doc who will NOT look at me as if I'm crazy while I am talking to her. This doc got her M.D. in Bulgaria if that says anything. Lots of gentle hugs

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