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    I had done a search for Chronic Fatigue and michigan...someone refered others to Connely in Michigan..i have been told he wont see new patients since September of last year...I have his book and was so excited about the possibility of feeling better, then to call and hear sorry he wont be taking new patients till April if even then..well i havent gotten a call i really dont think he should use the name Clinic if he doesnt have the ability to see new patients..
    i then was refered to the U of M was in the process of being closed..i then called Jay Goldstein in California..nationally renown, he retired..i then tried Cheney and he moved and cut down on his finally i called the National CFIDS line and Gail...president of the organisation..told me they are within a year of locating the toxin that causes CFIDS...well haven had this for 15 years and being on disabilty...with the resolve of her assurance, i am at least feeling there might be hope some day...but spending most of my life in bed is just not the way i want to live...allergy season, even with shots, is very hard on me as i am sure many...

    ok thats enough of my

    over and out
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    The bad news is that it is next to impossible to get into these high-priced clinics. The rest of the bad news is that we have heard from very few people here who have received that much benefit from having spent all that money on these "experts."

    You can pretty much read about what they do and find a doc who is willing to work with you locally. I have been making remarkable progress using this approach. I still think the best way to treat our illnesses is for us to become very knowledgeable and take our treatment into our own hands. Of course, this means finding a doc or docs who will work with you. Good luck.

    BTW, his was the first book on our illnesses that I ever read. I gave it to my PCP.

    Love, Mikie
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    yes i know what u mean..
    it just makes me mad tho ..and that he calls it a clinic..if u call his number he gives about a 10 minute dialogue of the cutting edge avenues and methods they have..meaning pricey machinery most MDs dont have..

    never the struggle has been with doctors agreeing to do the tests i ask..
    in his book he says for instance, that adrenal insufficiancy often doesnt show up on ACTH or other tests that endocronologists do..i traveled far to see this endo and she said i am fine because my ACTH came back ok..
    well the nurse gave me a donut because i almost passed out when i was shot with the cortisone and that hampers results...point is they wouldnt do the other i try and try and hit road takes ages and more energy than i can muster to do this and i get tired..

    only my chiropractor Dr Zatkin..and also kinesiologist...believes me that my adrenals are bad...Hypotensio proves it..
    BTW id love to mention here that in Grosse Pointe michigan they have the NATIONALLY renown Dr Goodheard who coined the term Applied Kinesiology and it has done wonders for me..
    he is such a humble man and i admire him greatly..he is 80 something and still sees patients..

    Look Goodheart up on the net

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    Hi, Amy. Just to add my 2 cents to the clinic in Flint, when I inquired a couple years ago the cost was way too prohibitive to even begin to consider. They did send me info about their protocol and all the tests, etc., they put you through....for me, the drive, time involved, and extensive costs were more discouraging and detrimental than helpful. Don't get discouraged. There are doctors out there---just very difficult to find.

    My doctor (J. Crump) was involved in the Univ of Mich CFS clinic, he's great (offices in Saline and Ann Arbor). I heard they now have a fibro clinic, but don't know the specifics. I hear Dr. Barbour in Monroe is excellent for fibro; and there is a reportedly great support group in Tecumseh. Maybe some of this info will be helpful to you.

    Best wishes, Jackie C

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    Hi I live in Ann ARbor and have referred a few people to a great doc in Saline. His name is John Crump. He used to run the CF clinic at the U of M and I believe he is still accepting new pts.
    good luck,
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    thank you very much for your info...
    regarding the John Crump referal..yes i called after seeing him on the web...
    and in regards to the U of M CFS clinic..i called last week and it had just been closed...sigh..
    i live in Grosse Pointe so flint is like a 3-4 hour drive...
    i dont mind the drive or other docs have helped in my 15 years...
    i have done parasite..yeast testing...all clear there...
    i believe its a signal issue for until Lexapro, i couldnt drive the freeway...too much information so to speak..
    standing in lines id almost black out..
    along with this i had blood pressure would go down when i stood...
    anyways..not only do SSRIs work on serotonin and dopamine but they work on other hormones as well...
    so my belief is back to a pituitary/hyothalomus issue..
    this along with my always active EB..

    Anyways thanks for the info on connely...that makes it easier to know i wont be seeing him...

    one more thing, i am lucky enough to NOT have fibromyalgia..knock on wood