Androgens and XMRV

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by equanimous, Mar 10, 2010.

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    So a recent study found that androgens increase replication of XMRV. If this is the case, should we avoid taking supplements such as DHEA? Obviously most of us have no idea if we even have XMRV, and even if we do, whether it plays a causal role in the disease, but this study still made me wonder, especially since he times that I've tried taking DHEA even in small dosages, it made me feel awful.

    Thanks for your input,
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    Hey Liz, I have been pondering the same. I take Androgel for hypogonadism (showed up one yr. ago), have bad CFS, and am wondering if the addition of androgen (Androgel)/ testosterone might be bad for me. Or other men on this therapy. Sure hope someone can give some insight on this...

    I've had CFS since '94.

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    theres research out there that says its not necessarily testosterone that causes prostate problems and cancer etc but when testosterone aromatises into estrogen. When males get older estrogen tends to rise and the ratio of test to estrogen changes, also when testosterone is increased through test therapy this too can increase estrogen through aromatisation. Forward thinking docs and antiaging clinics use medications and supplements to control these estrogen levels and keep them at a better level, too lower estrogen levels in a male is also not good as well.

    Supplements like dim (Diindolyl Methane), zinc and nettle root can help balance test estrogen levels in a positive way in males. Some men however need medications line aromatize inhibitors like arimidex, aromasin, and letrozole, these are meds usually used to treat estrogen dependent cancer in women but are used in men to control/lower estrogen.

    From what i have read, if you are on test replacement therapy and your initial positive improvement has gone it could be an estrogen issue and treating this can bring back your feeling of well being, sex drive, energy and help reduce aches and pains etc.

    So I wouldnt going bagging androgens straight away or any hormone, i think its more of having the right balance and finding a knowledgable doc to help, not all docs are up on this sort of thing though so finding one might be hard.

    Searching some bodybuilding forums is of help as they usually have a section for over 35s on hormone replacement therapy, but dont get this mixed up with typical steroid use by bodybuilders who use large doses, this is just about guys optimising there hormones to help turn back the clock.

    cheers!! good luck
  4. bct

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    Many thanks! I will bring this up with my doc. when I next see him. I didn't know about the estrogen relationship.

    Aussiewoman : Yes, I had read some of this abstract, and it had alarmed me.

    I am also taking 7-keto dhea, under doc's. supervision. A kinder, more gentle form- ha ha.


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