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    Do all people with cfs have anemia i have been diagnosed with anemia but my doc also says i have cfs
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    My guess is that a significant number of people with CFS have some degree of anemia, but it's definitely not a defining symptom of the disease. The only reason I would posit this is that PWCs often have GI problems involving an inability to absorb nutrients properly and this could lead to deficiencies in folate, vitamin b12 and iron, in turn leading to anemia.
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    Anemia is one of the things that doctors test for to rule out CFS. Most people with CFS do not have anemia. Were you just diagnosed with CFS or have you had CFS diagnosis for a while now? It is possible to become anemic while having CFS, however, if you are just being diagnosed with CFS, until you get the anemia dealt with, there is no way of knowing for sure you also have CFS.
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