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    I know the discussion of pain management has been addressed many times over, but I believe its really important for many of us. Mostly if we don't get the help we so need from our other Drs. But I did read somewhere here about seeing a anethesiologist pain management Dr. was sometimes better because they believe our pain is real and know how to treat it better.

    Anyhoo..I had a few problems with my own Dr. the other day over my pain medications and how he had changed them so often to find the right dosage, or different meds, and then became concerned that I had basically my own little pharmacy here at home!! He kind of got a little irate over all the full bottles of unused drugs that I can't tolerate , or didn't work properly, or have severe reactions to, that he decided I should see a pain management Dr.

    The good point to all of this, is now I will see this anesthesiologist pain Dr., who I had seen about 5 years ago for other problems and knows me pretty well after treating me then, and also he was there once for my surgery on my knee. If you ever read my profile you would know how many things have been wrong with me in the past, let along now having FM, which I asked the nurse today when she called from his office, if he believed in FM and treated people for it.

    To that her answer was yes, which of course made me extremely happy, along with I've been told the best pain management Dr's are anesthesiologists, is this to be true or not as I'm very interested in finding out how he will now treat me with this condition?/! I have read others comments on how they don't like their specialists because they are neurosurgeons or they won't treat FM or CFS, anyone find this to be true also?

    Also, has anyone ever gotten to the point where their Dr's basically gave up on them out of fear of treating you with pain medications and therefore sent you to a pain management Dr., and this also covers their own practice of prescribing meds? I think this is what the problem came down to with my Dr. the other day and sort of gave up, knowing how to treat me any longer out of frustration to being sensitive to so many drugs, which is part of the symptoms of FM in the first place isn't it?/!!!

    This is like a catch 22 in my book and very frustrating! Although I am happy about now working with both Dr's on my treatment options, and hopefully find what works best for me! I'm so tired of being tired and in pain any longer, as I'm sure so many of you are too!!!!!!

    I know this is very long for a post, but is there anything else I should do or ask the pain Dr. about my treatment and choices if he chooses to try more newer drugs and perhaps take me off of my MS Contin, which I was assured I wouldn't be...but who knows what the outcome could be!! This drug is the only one that seems to work the best, out of so many, and if I'm left without any medication at all, I'm afraid of what I would be capable of doing as far as getting so mad and punching someone..LOL!!

    How about all the drugs like Depakope, and Neurotin, anyone have good luck with these drugs?

    Thank you for all your help in my long post, but I wanted to vent and also ask a few questions I thought were important maybe to many people here..

    Happy New Year to all,
    Gentle hugs,

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