Anesthetic causing a tail spin of pain?

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    The surgeon who did my surgery that sent me into a tail spin of pain has done x`rays and MRI`s and comes up with no answer for the terrible pain I have had since the day of the surgery. He says he has studied my case and the only thing he can come up with is that the anesthetic caused my fibromyalgia to really explode over my body. The anesthesist added something to the regular med. to hopefully help my being so ill after surgery.I also ended up with a throat and swallowing problem.Could I have been allergic to the additional med.? We have been working on this for the two years since my surgery.Has anyone else had a reaction like this? This was a surgery that was elective and as you can imagine I have regretted the decision to have it every day since I had it done. I would advise no surgery of any kind unless it is life threatening.My surgeon is one of the best and a teaching surgeon and this has really bothered him big time.
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    My mother is actually allergic to all local anesthetics, anything ending in "caine" and all morphine derivitives. She has never had a problem with a general anesthetic.

    I once had an experience after my first back surgery, of not being able to breath, I thought I was suffocating. This one episode, always makes me leary of having surgery - I was more afraid of the anesthetic than the surgery.

    I really began having trouble with my CFIDS following my hysterectomy in 1998. It started with a virus immediately following surgery. Then, I woke up one morning with a sharp pain under my right shoulder blade that went clear through to my chest wall and down my arm. I could not even move in the bed, it hurt so bad. This arm was very weak, with numbness and very painful and the pain spread up into my shoulder and neck, than spread to the other side. I had numerous tests like you, but nothing came up.

    It's still a mystery.


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    Three times since being sick and have had no problems. Two of the surgeries required 2 1/2 hours of anesthesia. I am sorry you are having such a rough time.

    Love, Mikie
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    I had back surgery for three hours prior to having
    FMS. I had no problems.

    I had my gallbladder removed a few years ago and
    I swear I haven't been the same since! Not pain wise,
    but tired wise. I have read that anesthesia can either
    make us better or worse. My pain was better for a few weeks but I was very exhausted and I don't feel
    I have ever been the same since the surgery.
    It really set me back. I have since been told or read
    that we really should be careful having surgery
    with general anesthesia unless it is lifethreatening.
    There was an article about anesthesia and CFS
    and it mentioned the anesthesia that would be
    best for us. I found out that I was given the
    one that was supposed to be ok. I also
    think I have been much more anxious since
    then. Can't be sure, but it seems to have happened
    about that time.