Aneurysms and lyme?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by Di1207, Dec 29, 2007.

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    I just read Tansy's post. The article #1 Rev Neurol (Paris) and was blow away to see intracranial hemmorrage. After stabbing head pains in sept. 06 my Neurologist sent me for a cat scan of the brain and it showed 2 small aneurysms. Has anyone else had any problems? I think so little is know about all the effects of neroborellis (? spelling) and or lymes that it feels like we are our own health advocate. Thanks for youe help.
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    Both of my parents had aneurysims. I suspect they both had Lyme. My LLMD suggested Cogimax for the copper and silica, Knox Gelatin, glucosamine and chondriotin.

    My Dad had his triple AAA repaired. He died at age 80 with dementia. Mom's blew but she was in the hospital so they got her into the OR. My GF's AAA blew but that was back in 1952. They didn't operate on this back then.

    Are you planning on surgery for the aneurysms? I keep getting screened with MRIs and CTs.

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    Thanks for the info. Sorry to hear about your father. I hope your mother will be ok. I had an angiogram in Dec o6. They go through your groin and up into the brain to see if they can coil them. They were too small, which is good news. One is at the base of the brain stem. If the ruptures they won't be able to operate. I now go every 6 months for a CTA with contrast. I also have 2 mytro vaule prolasps. I belive they all are from the lymes. I had a clean bill of health in 2004.Once the disease flared up it reaped havoc on my body. I wonder how many nuero borellis people have this type of damage. Hoping we all feel great in 08.