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    Dear ANG1973,

    I read your post to Kacjac about your chrohns and fibro and I wanted to say my heart goes out to you.

    Just by reading what you said, sounds like you may have some nutrient deficiencies due to the chrohns disease that are causing you to be sicker.

    See if you can find a doctor and try getting B-12 injections and don't wait. Just tell them you would like to try and see if it helps your fibro.

    Most docs will say o.k. because B-12 wont hurt you.

    Make sure you get nutrients and if you can afford it, try a natural physician if there's one in your area.

    Acupuncture is really good also. It may be something that could really help both of your diseases. Some folks are afraid of the needles, but they are really fine and arent' painful.

    I know it must really hard keeping up with three children as a single parent, and having both illnesses. I hope you don't mind me writing specifically to you, but after reading your post, I just wanted too let you know that I was thinking about ya.

    Get a B-12 shot and stay one them for awhile, I think it may help you very much. Sublingual tablets are o.k., but to build up the vitamin, you need to get shots first. You'll start feeling better faster.

    God Bless.
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    Thank you so much for your thoughts. I appreciate the tip on the B-12 shots. That has been mentioned to me before. However, my gastroenterologist has never referred me to a nutritionist. She pretty much does a colonoscopy once a year, gives me meds and thats it. She never says much, just that its really no big deal and quite common. I really don't think she understands the pain I'm going through. I used to see a pain management specialist, but insurance only allowed 4 visits. To be honest I don't think I'm managing either disease very well, in part because of the lack of care from my docs. And lack of energy to go out of my way to do anything. I will ask about the B-12 though. And I will let you know how things are going. Thank you so much for your concern. It helps to talk to people who do care. God Bless you and yours.
  3. kch64

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    You know, when your body isn't getting the right stuff, it really throws your system off all together.

    You said you had vertigo too. Make sure you take a good multivitamin with your meals. If you can't tolerate it all at once, break it in half and take it one half per day and then build it up that way.

    And, if you can't take a multi, then at least try a B-complex along with your B-12 shots.

    Hang in there and Yes, I would like to know how you're feeling.

    Have a nice weekend.

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