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    hi, everyone I just wanted to tell you all about my doc,whom I believe is an angel in disguise.I've been going to her(pain therapist) for the last 5 yrs,after being diagnoised with fibromyalgia,carpal tunnel,osteoarthritis,low back disc's problems,had a cervical fusion done 15yrs ago.and have bad knee's can't hardly walk or stand for a long period of time,on all kinds of meds. but I was referred to her by my pcp,and it was the best thing that's ever happened since the birth of my son.I think sometimes in our lives and with all we face on a day to day life with these diseases that if were blessed to find that special doc,who'll listen and not judge us and have compassion not disbelief,and truly understand our pain and frustration. Well I go to the doc every 6 weeks regular,and I decided it was time for me to open up and tell her my fears,without her thinking I'm crazy or something,anyway I decided to take some notes to her that I had written( sorta a diary on this illiness) anyway it was about things this disease has cost me to lose and the good things that came out of having it,and also some brosures on fibromyalgia and she was very pleased with my notes especially the ones that had my list of things I was very greatful for,and on my list was my god, my son,and my truly understanding living for the moment,and my appreciation for her .she was very happy that I'm starting to cope better,with slowly coming out of denial about this disease,and she always spends at least 45 minutes to an hour just talking with me,I feel so comfortable with her she's a god send.and after my visit aws over I always pat her on the shoulder and thank her,and she's say's to me no your the one who should be patted on the shoulder for all your enduring,and she said" you know what you look like you could use a hug,and she gave me a hug.and I just felt I was in the arms of an angel.I just want people to know there really are angels among us.god bless you all janice

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    Awww, its so rare to hear about the wonderfu drs out there. thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    She is right, you are to be commended for putting your pain in perspective and finding strength and ways to cope with it. A big soft pat and hugs to you from me, too.

    Please keep posting, but could you break your post up into small paragraphs. Many of us won't read a long unbroken post, or actually can't. I, myself have a hard time staying upright and can fall right off this bed reading them, LOL!

    Best to you, dear person.