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    I saw your post about having severe candida and was wondering how that was diagnosed and what you did to treat it and if you were able to determine if the candida was diminished and, finally, if that made you feel better.

    Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness.

    Louise K
  2. LouiseK

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    Thank you for all that -- you went to a lot of trouble and I appreciate it. I have often wondered about all this "herxing". How do they know it is "yeast die-off" that is sickening and not, perhaps, these yeast drugs that are toxifying the liver . . .liver problems are a major consideration in using these anti-yeast medications.

    I went to FFC and they seemed right away to be pushing the yeast business and even told me the blood test might very well not show anything but, like you said, the symptoms are used to diagnose. These symptoms are very general and common though . . .

    I don't mean to sound negative, just inquisitive. I would be so interested to find out if you eventually feel better rather than worse and if you feel better while still on the drug or after you get off it.

    I shouldn't be so chicken and just use myself as a guinea pig but, frankly, if I felt *worse* than I do with this herxing business I don't think I could take it.

    Best wishes and keep us posted on progress!

  3. LouiseK

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    The FFC seems to follow Dr. Teitelbaum's protocols very closely and I believe his theory is that some people are allergic to the yeast in their own bodies and that the more yeast the more reaction so they don't necessarily go by blood test -- the blood test for yeast is not going to show anything unless there is a (rare) huge huge amount of it circulating freely around. They believe, however, that many people are sick from yeast who do not have it coursing freely through the blood system.

    As to a coated tongue . . . really people have coated tongues for a million reasons other than yeast, so I don't know about all that.

    FFC tried to diagnose me with low thyroid by some sort of foot bending which is apparently a symptom they found in some obscure place. The point is, they are trying to help when no one else is and they are brave not to be worried about being sued so I applaud them for all that.

    It's feast or famine -- most doctors won't try at all and at the other end we have doctors prescribing freely in all directions so it's sort of buyer beware I suppose.

    I am anxious to hear your outcome when the treatment is finished. My best wishes for your good health.

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    I just had a "vega" test (food allergy test)done at the was really interesting. The readings are from 0-100 in the candida dept. I scored 85 (The higher the number the less allergic you are...but that at least showed that it was there...its a mild case but I'm treating with alternative remedies and diet (no yeast) the other thing I was allergic to was white sugar and milt...had no idea? so you can get tested this doctor never found yeast.
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    I've had a terrible yeast problem for many years. I don't need a test to prove it either, the chronic vaginitis is pretty good proof.

    I had systemic yeast that affected my gut and other systems, it ws bad enough, but treatable back then. What made it really bad, w/ chronic vaginitis, was when they tried to treat mycoplasms w/ 9 mths of antibiotics. THEN, they tried to treat the worse yeast problems w/ rx's, Nystatin gave me worse yeast than ever, it can cause resistant strains in certain lucky individuals. Diflucan did nothting at all.

    In my own long term experience, the natural antifungals were stronger, more effective, never caused worse yeast, and weren't dangerous or toxic to my liver.

    I actually had the bad yeast under control w/ natural a.f.'s and that was after the antibiotics buggered me up. It was a fatal mistake to switch to Nystatin, when what I was using was working well, mostly caprylic acid back then, sometimes a Pau d'arco/grapeseed/caprylic acid blend. I only switched because I was so broke (fighting for disability then) and could get Nystatin under the welfare drug plan. If only I could know what wold happen.


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