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    Hello again,

    About Lkwd Hosp., both my Grandma and my Mother passed away while they were in there for Infections.
    I told hubby, take me to St. Mary's. lol.

    I have a Great Rhumetolgist, I don't know if she is taking new pt's or not. I only have to see her every 4 months now.
    She keeps my PCP, and Pain Dr. in check, when they try to mess with my Meds.

    If you are in need of a Great Dr. look up Dr. Godfrey, in the Yellow pg's. Her office will let you know if she is taking on new pt's or not, and they can tell you if there is a support group close to you.

    I spent all day yesterday, looking for a new NH for my Brother, and I totally FOGGOT to call her. So sorry,

    Oh btw, I live right off the 91, some day's I feel like, I spent the night out there on it, lol.

    Nice to meet another person from LB, there is another Lady that just reads here, she likes the Info that she can get, from people going through these things, but is to shy to write.

    Do you get the PT? I am working on a Letter, to Tom Hennesy about Chronic Pain and FMS. Maybe this year it will get printed, lol, lol, ;o)
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    Hi sweetie thanks for your help,iam sorry it has taken me so long to reply but i have been sick with the flu and we know what that does to our already happy stuff,lol,i agree about no more lakewood,lol.I will look up your dr thank you,and iam also glad that i found someone that lives in our hometown,i hope the outher lady feels more relaxed about writeing it would be great to also add someone eles to this little L. B. homebodys,lol.well again thanks for your help and i hope we can talk again soon,i will look your dr up as soon as i find out what our new insurence is my husband lost his job last week so we have to wait and seewhat we have next,again take care,angelkisses6
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    So sorry about the Hubby losing his job, seems to be happening a lot around here.
    I do know that Memorial has a Clinic you might be able to get into, with out Ins.

    I was told that the County Hospital in Torrance, has a group meeting, and also that there is a Dr, there and know's a lot about FMS.
    If you go tho, it can take up to a full day, before you get seen.

    I have a Sister who went there, while she was applying for her SSDI. She still perfers to see the Dr. there.
    She packs a Lunch takes a book, and goes by bus, with her Scooter. (used to be mine first,)

    I hope you can find someone close to you, and may Your DH get a job that will have lots of Benifits for your Family.
    checked your photo, they are Good Looking Kids. Oh you too, lol, I have a warped sense of Humor, btw.
    Love to kidd around.