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    Feast of the Holy Angels
    October 2

    The first two stanzas of Rainer Maria Rilke’s Second Duino Elegy counteract the saccharine sweet images which we all too often see of Guardian Angels.

    Every angel is terrible.
    Knowing this, I invoke thee,
    O Deadly Birds of the Soul.
    Gone are the days of Tobias,
    when shining Raphael,
    awful majesty disguised,
    stood at a door, twin
    to the youth who gazed
    out, curious, upon him.
    Should such an archangel
    now descend a single step
    from behind the stars,
    our hearts would rise and
    rage until they burst!
    Who art thou?

    Primordial Perfection!
    First darlings of Creation:
    mountain summits crimson
    in the dawn of genesis -
    pollen of Godhead in
    resplendent blossom,
    essence of light...
    halls, stairs, thrones,
    places of pure being,
    shields shaped of ecstasy,
    swirling storms of rapture -
    all suddenly ceasing...
    mirrors!...commanding all
    the scattered sweetness
    into themselves again.

    (translated by Robert Hunter)

    found this at the Gratefulness.Org site. I think Rilke's poetry is amazing. The first part about Tobias is in the Catholic Bible, where Raphael the great archangel appeared in the story as a handsome youth of those times.

    Heartfelt Thanks to our Wonderful Angels!
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    In the last dark hour
    Of the night,
    Angels come to love us
    And awaken us.

    - Sri Chinmoy