Anger mangement?

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    Just wanted to know what everyone does to handle anger?...I feel like I'm just full of it lately of course you suppress it and push down just as far as you can, I hate mean people and I resorted to one today in front of a store, needless to say it was a mean person who was really nasty to me and I should have let it go but i was angry and asked what the heck was his problem and I resorted to screaming at him after he started name's so rediculous. On the way home I felt so angry like I could have gone back and beat the crap out of him, I feel like I could unleash all of my pent up anger on this guy! Does anyone else feel this way sometimes...
    I hate being sick..I feel so mad and upset right now, I just hate it.

    :-( kelly
  2. blessedmom2four

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    i stay away from people that cause me to be mean
  3. jhmitch

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    may have been the trigger for your reaction to the creep in front of the store.

    Frustration and excessive heat will make it very easy for me to explode at someone.

    Once, a guy in a suit who was in a big hurry to beat me into a restaurant, let the door slam in my face (I walk with a cane).

    Anyway, I waited until I was standing behind the creep in line and (in a voice barely above a whisper) I called him rude, obnoxious, pushy, arrogant, etc. He just turned around and stared at me in surprise.

    Oh well, if one is going to dump on another person, better to do it to someone who deserves it, rather than an innocent bystander. Sounds like you picked the right guy to unload on, Kelly.



    I feel better now I have had time to calm down. I always try my best to be nice one and hold doors for folks and say hello and you just dont seem to get that in return too much anymore..I guess thats what frustrated the crap out of me is that he was crossing from the parking lot to the front of the store, and at my window as I was passing acted like he was going to hit the car with a bottle of soda he had in his hand and when I lowered my window to ask him what the he!! his problem was he fussed at me that I didn't let him pass in the crosswalk...he came out from behind a car and I am always the person sitting there in my car that lets like 50 people walk by, while I'm the one who almost gets run down because I don't walk fast enough...!!! MEAN PEOPLE SUCK!

    Well crap I guess I'm not over it!!! HE,HE,HE!

    Thanks again ((((HUGS))))

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