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  1. ripvanwinkle

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    anyone else have severe anger problems
    i know i hurt constantly and i am always tired and i guess that adds to my anger but i no longer have a tolerance for anybody or anything
  2. little

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    I started PT last week and the therapist told me that FM is repressed anger. Issues that I haven't dealt with. She told me to see a counsler. Also it that it could be childhood trama. Gail
  3. duketomato

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    I seem to be angry all the time.After going to doctors for 11 tears and getting nowhere I lose my patients and get angry.When the doctors sent me to the shrinks(ultimate quacks) I was told "life is a b*tch deal with it","treat your back/pain problem like a car accident and get it repaired"(when I was told this I asked the shrink how many honest auto repair shops does he know of)that really ticked me off.When I go to the doctors office I rarely get a receptionist who knows what they are doing.It seems I have to fight with people everywhere I go because they don't have any common sense.I go to the grocery store and buy things on sale and when the cashier rings it up it isn't the right price.I show them the ad and they say they can't help me.So I have to go to the service desk and they give me a hassle because now I get it for free.They look at me as if I am the problem not the jerk who programs the inventory prices.I am on SSDI and have to watch every penny.When I worked I hung off the sides of skycrapers in Chicago setting large pieces of granite for the shell of the building and that was nowhere near the stress I have to deal with now. I just wish I could find someone/someway to make it possible to go back to work.
  4. fibrolindak

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    That makes me angry because it's another ignorant, misinformed health care practitioner saying "It's all in your head" Is (are)this (these) person (people) living in the dark ages or what?!

    Yes, I am angry a lot! I have gone from being a valuable 2 business owner (bakery & coffee shop) to being almost completely housebound! I cannot walk from the livingroom to the bathroom without a lot of pain, and my whole house is only about 850 sq. ft.! Yes, I am angry! I cannot clean my house to the level that satisfies me. I've always been a clean freak. Now I just have to ignore it. It drives me crazy! Yes, I'm angry! I cannot take the leisurely walks downtown or around the mall with my husband that we used to so much enjoy. Yes, I'm angry! I cannot find a job that would entail anything even remotely physically because if I stand for more than 10 minutes my back and hips are in excruciating pain, so looks like I'm going to be reduced to some sort of telephone work-telemarketing-ugh! YES, I AM ANGRY!!! WHO WOULDN'T BE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. baybe

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    Isn't a Physical Therapist just that. Since when do we need PT's telling us we are just products of our psyches. I would get myself a new PT and tell my doctor. If my doctor wasn't offended I'd get a new doctor and if I'm showing my anger it's because of clown's in the medical profession like your PT overstepping there bounds. Who gave every person on earth a right to an opinion about our health. Medicine is supposed to be a science not a stoning.
  6. Mar19

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    I think she needs to see some "un-repressed" anger! LOL What a complete DOPE the PT is. That theory made me absolutely furious just to hear! It's about as effective as telling you to "snap out of it"...Like we all wouldn't want to be better.

    Sorry, just me not-repressing!
  7. little

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    I went to Pt for work related injuries, that I got in 1987. I haven't been able to work since. The PT lady took all my info about that. I then said that I was dx in 1998 with FM. She turned to me and said that FM was repressed anger. I said where did you get that from. She said that it wasn't anything that I said. She saw that I had been in pain for so long and not able to work. She said of course I would have anger. I don't go there any more. Last friday compensation insurance call them for info on me and someone told them I have FM. The comp insurance with drew my 100% coverage for PT. I have had PT for 15 years for the work injuries. One mention of FM and they stopped coverage. I'm calling my comp lawyer on Tuesday. I don't know what is going to happen now.. Gail
  8. Mikie

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    How much less anger we have when our pain needs are addressed.

    Also, we do go through the grieving process and grief therapy is very helpful in transiting the anger phase.

    Love, Mikie