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    Another appointment on Wednesday with the PCP. He prescribes my BP med and after all of these years on it I have been getting chest pains.

    I have been so scared twice I doubled up on BP med (which is also for angina) and it went away.

    I am due for an EKG, but can only hope they will believe me enough to give me something for it.

    I know it is important and I hope he takes it the same way.

    Is it part of FM/CFS---I do not know. Well, I will find out because if he does not prescribe something the FM doc will.

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    {{{hugs}}} I am so sorry you are experiencing this! I know chest pain is terrifying. I know because I've been having it too, and a particularly bad episode yesterday! It turns out nothing was wrong with my heart, and my BP was only mildly elavated. It is all anxiety. I swear, I wouldn't know if I WERE having a heart attack, because I already have all the symptoms all the time!

    Do you have a history of anxiety and panic attacks? They are definitely assoicated with FM. Do you take any antianxiety agents? Something else I've been taking, which I think helps at least with my BP, although not much with my anxiety, is magnesium 250mg 2 x a day. Magnesium is kind of a natural muscle relaxer/pain reliever/bp reducer, and those of us with FM are frequently deficient in it. You could ask your doctor if that would be safe for you to try. I'm not sure about mixing it with BP medicine, though.

    I hope you feel better soon! I know it's so scary!
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    I wish I had something for anxiety. Klonopin will help, but these chest pains are new to me.

    I do not panic, but it will hit me suddenly. Just the pain, slashed across my chest.

    I have a feeling what he will give to me sublingually and that kind of relief I need.

    I just ordered magnesium--you are right as rain on that.

    Thank you for taking the time. Many hugs,

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    Always keep aspirin handy and don't be afraid to use it (if you can take aspirin) per Dr.'s order to husband who has had small strokes and chest pains. Recently I had scary chest pains....turned out to be GERD/hiatal hernia but at the time I did not know what was happening and it hurt to breath. It is not a comforting feeling.

    I did take aspirin because this was an unusual side effect for me. It finally eased off when I felt the acid rise.

    It also could be caused from anxiety. Is there someone that can stay with you until you feel better?
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    I have not hit 'panic' yet, but have reinforced myself with meds.

    Sunday I can rest and I will probably do some 'self talk' to keep me quiet.

    Thank you (and you all) for sharing and caring.

    1sweetie: I will call my sister in Florida later. She does listen so it will help.

    thank you.....sweetie1....

  6. 1sweetie

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    How are you this morning???
  7. NyroFan

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    Thank you for being there for me last night. And asking how I am this morning.

    So far, so good.

    You guys really helped me out last night. It was interesting how I was answering posts and then remembered I had some things wrong too.

    You know what was funny. Didn't you find we were having 'live' talk: the conversations went back and forth and we had like a little nightime club going.

    I enjoyed the chit-chat last night. And thanks for the suggestions. I have a feeling the doc will give me nitroglycerin (sp?) tabs.

    My BP med works for that and is also listed as a med for angina. Two days I had to take one extra and the pain stopped in a short while.

    All in all: I thought we had some fun going on last night back and forth.

    I hope all is well with you, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. 1sweetie

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    Good Morning,

    It was interesting..just like email with a good friend.

    I was worried and you were the first thing I thought of this morning.

    Glad that you are feeling better. The nights are worse sometimes.

    I checked your other thread this morning to check on you. Others have given some good suggestions. Some of them are also overwhelmed with all the specialist appointments with very little results.

    Is it possible to do as someone suggested and go to the most important one first and postpone some of the others? I have had to do that. At the moment I need to go to several of the type of doctor's that you mentioned but prior bad experiences are keeping me at home.

    The cardiologist sounds like a keeper. Maybe you could stagger the other appointments.

    I took Bruce Campbell's course and between that and the opinions of others taking the course whose condition is similar to ours, it is important to plan our time. Actually the course took too much of my energy but I did take away some good pointers. There is a website that has lots of ideas. Haleycole has been posting excerpts from the course.

    Before your next appointment try to not plan anything for a few days prior that will take your energy. Good things can take your energy as much as bad things. Plan your visit to the best of your ability. After your appointment make sure you give yourself a few days to recover.

    Because you are alone, you must be more vigilant. I am trying to do these things and it has helped me. Please think about giving it a try.

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    I'm so glad that you are doing better today!! How it con-

    tinues to be a "good day" well on into the week and be-


  10. 1sweetie

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    I'm just trying to keep a check on you. Have you had any more problems?

    I do hope you calleded your sister.
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    Good morning/afternoon where you are:

    It happened again today: the pain just slashed across the chest, so again I doubled up on the BP med. I see the doc (family/general) on Wednesday.

    I guess I also have panic. The Klonopin gets me through it and now that the neurologist upped it to 4mg./day I really should not be having these kinds of pains, but see that from your warm responses it could very well be we have more in common than what I thought. It could be any of these things.

    When you mentioned tycardia (sp?)--I remember a number of heart tests I had about six years ago. I remember getting the results and on the it there was a mention of 'sinus taycardia'.

    The doctor never mentioned it and I did not know what it was.

    You have no idea how much I feel for all of you.
    I also have no idea what I would do without you and this board.

    I hope all are well today!!!!