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  1. shari1677

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    Keep in mind today is Tuesday morning.

    I called my doc Saturday morning (his office is open) that I needed refills. The secretary said they would give him the message.

    It wasn't called in.

    I ran out of said meds on Sunday, called the office, got the answering service and was told they couldnt forward me through for med refills. OOOKAYYY, so I will suffer until Monday.

    Called the office Monday morning. They checked my message. Said the doc hadnt got to it yet, but would.

    Called the office 4 times Monday to see if he had gotten to it yet - he didnt.

    By Monday I was getting sick with diarrhea and pain, but thought it was livable until the meds were called in.

    By 7 p.m., the meds were still not called in. I ended up in the emergency room. I hadnt eaten all day, was in severe pain, had diarrhea and dry heaves (the 2 latter from drug withdrawal).

    I'm extremely angry with my doctor. Had he called them in ON TIME, this would have been avoided. Not to mention, I have no insurance - so now I have an ER bill on top of it!!
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    You need a new one... any way to make a change?

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    Have you heard from the Dr. yet?

    That has happened to me before but with 4 days notice. I called on a Tues, needing them before the weekend. When I called Friday at noon because I hadn't heard from them I found out that they had left for the day. Um.... WHAT??

    My office has a strict policy to call within so many days. (yeah they screwed up mine, but that's another story) They would have had NO sympathy for me in your situation, like yours didn't.
    HOWEVER, You would THINK that with you calling Monday so many times that the staff would MAKE sure that the Dr. got your message and got on it right away!!!

    What now? Have you heard from them..talked to them again? I'd be darn sure to ask if he ever got the message - the 5 that you left? and I'd word it like that.
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    Whenever I need prescription refills, I always go into my doctor a week or two before my prescription runs out. I don't leave it right until the last minute because you never know when your doctor is going to be away or your pharmacy hasn't gotten their shipment of meds in. Most doctors here won't do refills over the phone - you have to go in and see them first.
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    I had a similar prob with a different outcome. I called for a refill on a Thursday....the one month mark was Friday so, i was within my rightful time for the doc was out of i called the clinic to emphasis that i was going to run out and my doc was gone...they lady said they would put a note on it to make sure it got filled....

    then, she called me back and said that it could not be filled until the next day, Friday, so that it was a month....she said that i had called too early and it could not be filled early....(like I am a drug seeker or something!)

    So, i called the clinic on friday and my pharmacy ....the pharmicist was angry when i told him what the clinic had said about it being too early and he called and got it filled....then he called me to let me know it was ready....and later another girl from the pharm. called and asked if i wanted it delivered....

    then, on monday, when the doc was back, i called him to tell him what happened. He was totally PO'd that i was treated this way....he told me to file a complaint with the clinic...he gave me the name of the person to call....he said that there was a clear papertrail to the people at fault....and that they will be in trouble....

    he also said that it is sometimes the nurse's blocking the doc's because they think the doc is too busy to take care of it....especially when it is not their patient...and sometimes it is the doc's that are guilty....

    but, my doc was mad because it is dangerous to do this to people because of withdrawal...and it just is ridiculous....when my doc is at work, my rx's are done within a couple is just when he is gone that the other doc's will abandon got better after I complained to the head of the clinic....and then now, a few years later, it is happening again....i had trouble a month ago with this same RX ....but i don't know if it was the pharm. or the clinic....

    i am sorry you had to go to the er....don't wait so long to refill....i usually call about a week in advance and when i call i ask if my doc is in town....this RX that i had trouble with was called in late....i usually don't let it get this close....for this very reason....

    oh, and one very important thing i learned was, if you have signed a contract with your doc regarding your pain meds , YOU CAN CALL 5 DAYS IN ADVANCE OF RUNNING OUT OR THE ONE MONTH MARK TO HAVE IT REFILLED!!!!! THE CLINIC SHOULD REFILL YOUR MEDS FIVE DAYS BEFORE THEY ARE DUE TO RUN OUT! this made what happened to me even more was an outright lie that my RX could not be filled the day before it ran out....the day before the one month mark....liars!!!!

    one more your pharmacist and tell them what the problem is...sometimes they will give you a few pills to get your through the weekend...or, they will intervene on your behalf and get ahold of the doc or any doc to refill your rx...if you have a contract with your doc, it makes it easier for another doc to fill out a refill and feel confident that you are not taking advantage of them or the fact that your doc is out of, ask your doc to fill out a contract with you if you are on pain meds or xanax or stuff that is a controlled substance....[This Message was Edited on 08/17/2010]
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    ...but Shari apparently wasn't told that refills take a certain number of days or wks. She was told, repeatedly, that the doctor would be notified she needed refills.

    I'm not sure what drugs she needed, but the comment that many pain drugs (and antispasmodics) should never be stopped abruptly, is true! There are certain drugs that good docs know should not be stopped suddenly (without tapering them down first) -- and RESPONSIBLE DOCS will authorize refills for those quickly - even if it's not their usual policy. Stopping some drugs abruptly is dangerous.

    [This Message was Edited on 08/17/2010]

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