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    My PA went to another seminar for Fibromyalgia presented by a doctor who says she has 15 years of experience with FM and that opiods are NOT the answer to dealing with the pain. Movement is the answer.

    The reason I am able to move is because I have been taking Vicoprophen. My pain level is 7/8 on scale of 10 with out pain control. The one Vicoprohen three times a day takes pain back to about 5. Wonder what the doctor that gave the seminar would do if SHE had to deal with the pain I deal with everyday... was having a bad day today anyway with the FM/CFS now I feel even worse.

    I am so tired of having to fight to make doctors understand about this disease. I am the one that put it all together with the help of the internet to finally get a proper diagnosis after at least 30 years of suffering and doctors not having a clue to what was wrong with me!

    I am so upset right now..... this is the second seminar this year that my PA has gone to. I was so encouraged that she was going and hoping whe would bring something back to help me.... everytime she goes to one, I loose ground with her treating my symptoms... I HOPE SHE NEVER GOES TO ANOTHER SEMINAR AT THIS POINT.

    I am so angry I am crying.... just didn't need this today.
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    Hi there. I was doing some reading on the website of my states Fibromyalgia Association and it lists a hospital there that does ongoing research on fibromyalgia. The fellow who heads the study is a prominent doctor and he has pages of useful information that he gives to doctors that treat fibro patients. One of the options he uses to treat his own patients is with narcotic pain meds. He feels that other things can be tried, but he is real leary of any doctor that says they are not needed. Most doctors are reluctant to give pain meds because of those who abuse them. He also feels that people who use pain meds for the sole purpose of combating chronic pain are not likely to become addicted to them. Don't know if this helps, but I know this doctor is very knowledgeable and he is the head of a Hospital that researches fibro.
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    Thanks for the advice. Just feel out of strength today and somehow it doesn't seem fair to have to always educate your doctor.. I know, wake up... who said life was fair. I know I can request a referral for a pain clinic, trouble is I am also agoraphobic and socialphobic and going to new places or new people creates another stress which creates another flaring, sort of a vicious circle. It also makes it more difficult for me now to see my PA because of dealing with the adversity.

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    Perhaps when you are in a better frame of mind, you can seek out another doctor who has a better track record of treating pt's with your illness. Don't despair for too long. Good luck to you.
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    I think it is a cop out to get out of prescribing the opiods. For every doctor that says it is a no-no I can find one that says yes when they are necessary to control pain.

    What ever group of muscles I use right now they will respond with pain as though I have put them through a marathon. Even my skin hurts....

    It is always great when some doctors set themselves up as so called experts and then come across with a 'one size helps all' advice. Anyone with this disease knows it is NOT a what helps one will work for the other, and then some things help for a time and then they will quit. Some actually experience a remission.

    I think I am most disgusted because my PA was working with me and I was making progress with getting some of the symptoms under control and I really resent loosing any of that ground and having to go back and 'plead my case'.

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    I was so disgusted the other day after my visit Check Out What I had to say on my venting session Posted Jump on the venting Wagon. SOmething like that. Put Kjan9 in the message search to find.
    I'm with ya!!