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    So, Jim read my note, got a bit angry himself, calmed down and then said that he would rather go alone that have me do something that would make me worse. He would rather I stay here and get well or continue to work on it than to go and have a set-back.

    So, he did listen, and he does really have my interests at heart. He told me he was just trying to get something done, and as I know him, when he is focused on something, the world can crash around him and he doesn't miss a beat.

    So, I'm not going. I need to check his suit, etc. today and I also need to get some cards. But, I'll be here, thankfully. I wasn't going to give up without getting my point in. I, too, have a hard head....a first born who is not used to getting pushed aside or not listened to. Just my way. Of course, I also want to make everything good and smooth for everyone, solve all problems, etc. How complicated we people are.

    Thanks for your support yesterday. Wanted to give you "...the rest of the story!"

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    What would I do without you all? Probably tear my hair out, that's what. Of his, and he doesn't have any to spare...poor baby. He's not bald but thinning.

    He is a good guy. He is just a guy and guys seem to want to make all things right by just doing things or giving commands. Jim's dad was the worst at that. Actually, it made me chuckle. He loved Jim's mom to death, but whenever she would have a problem, he would start giving her orders so that all would be taken care of and she would be better. It was funny.

    Jim is not much like his dad, but Jim's brother is! Oh my, and since Jim's dad died almost a year ago, Jim's brother has decided someone has to keep the roll going...so he gives his mother orders now. Too funny!

    Of course, his brother and I are both first borns, so when he starts throwing his weight around, it bugs me while the others just sit and let him pontificate. I call him on it. Sigh. It's a hard job, but someone's gotta do it.

    Enough...you guys didn't want to know all this...(-: Sometimes my fingers follow my brain which can think of many things at once.

    Thanks for putting up with me.

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    That is a great IDEA! Thank you for being so smart. I've got a few ideas and will have the time to make it special. How'd you get so smart?! (-:

    I am quick to say thank you, but I don't really think of doing things to show I'm thankful...for something like this which is just a part of life. Funny, I thank him for little every days things he does around here. Ah, no accounting for it.

    Thanks again.

    Have a great day,

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