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    Hi, I have recently had a medical examination for dla (disablilty living allownce) I now have to have another one for incapacity benifit - whats the point in having two???? I am so angry with the way uk deal with these things for disabled and sick people when there are people out there coming to this country getting everything and living for free. It makes me sick and depressed which dosnt help my situation with fms. How can i ever get better when i am getting treated like this and the way i was treated in my first examination no wonder i am not looking forward to the next. I told the doctor my knee was really saw them she hit it queit hard with a reflex thing!
    She told me to ignore my sister who was asking a question then told me to tell her to turn her music of upstairs- she was really rude and i cant stand the thought of having her again or somebody else like her.

    Xmas was rubbish too, family are at war and i ent feeling brillant lately.

    Hope everyone else ok.
  2. mrA

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    with all respect you are asking the tax payer for money. As a result asking for two independant examinations is not a big deal.

    In addition you are wrong about people coming to ths country and "living for free" Its largely a myth.

    However I hope your second examination goes well and that you feel better soon.

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    oh dear. i think you ought to edit your post.

    with regards to the exam unfortunatly ppl are now seeing fm and me as a free boat just like back pain has been used so the benefits and dwp are being more cautious about new claims to benefits.
    remember a claim to benefit is just that a claim and they have a right to see if your right in your claim.
    i was offered incapacity but turned it down as i have plans for my own business i have fm and me and like others here many more illnesses to boot.

    the thing about others living here for free please dont believe everything youve read in the papers its not true and while im on the subject why not do a little research on the countries they are fleeing in order to be here and what was so awful they are hanging on to trains to get here.
    yes of course there will be free loaders just as there are in our benefits system but take a deep breath and see the wider picture.

    all the best smiffy.
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    The UK medical examinations are more like the Spanish inquisition performed by dishonest sadists on a power trip. It's not an exaduration. I would go to the citizens advice bureaux and get hold of the "welfare" people (forgot what ther're called) but there is help, you just have to go and find it. It won't come to you. If you get failed in the examination, keep appealling again and again.

    hope you get sorted out.
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    maybe i ws abit harsh but i know of 6 familes down my street who have at least 4 children, came from diffrent countrys and all of their attidudes are "we get it for free so thats why we came" I do not like that attidude as ALL of my family have broke there backs to support there familys my parents even starved to fed me and my sisters and brothers.

    I wouldnt go in incapacity if i was 18 and could start my own business like i plan too. But at the minute it is either that or take money from my parents which is kind of diffucult.

    I wouldnt mind having the examinations if the doctor wasnt so rude and hurt me like she did. but my point is why start paying me money and accept my claim THEN ask for a medical??? and why cant they work togther and read the notes from the first medical?

  6. smiffy79

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    arnt dla and incapacity paid by different agencies?

    maybe thats why they want two medicals?

    hang on ive got to go back.

    thats it. im not 18 im 27,married with two children and three dogs i dont work so we have my husbands postie wage and my benefits.
    its not as though im privilidged i live on a council estate and im not especially talented i just have an active interest and want to take it further.
    if you do feel you would need to accept your incapacity benefit thats fine but the problem i see in ib is that too many ppl get used to it and rely on it instead of looking to stretch themselves now maybe im different because i was asigned a 'disibility adviser' through a charity and he said he has never had a person come to him with my ambition nor drive but as a result he cant help me. sucks huh.

    i know a man and ive ditched him as a friend because the dwp want to stop his benefit but he was trying to latch on to me to learn more about fibro so he could say thats what he has.he is another one who has gotten used to the equivilant of a wage in his bank account and its easier than finding a suitable job.[This Message was Edited on 12/30/2005]
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    the point i am trying to make is they are already paying me the money-if they had asked for a medical before i started recieved the benifit i wouldnt have got so funny about it.

    I have seen a doctor in london yesturday and will be traviling back and forward to there to see a sociolagist, physio and occupational theripst as part of there treatment course for someone with fms.

    i am not getting used the payments and i am getting depressed sitting around not doing anything - i want to get out there and work but at the minute it is not possible. I have had many people say i am just a dosser but this is simply not true i am not enjoying this "easy ride" as many people call it.

    I went from leaving school with 13 GCSES passed 2 NVQ's ar distinction level (acceqelent to 4 A's each) into a full time office administrater for 6 months. Although i was ill all this time i was not as bad as i was towards the end of me working (reason for leaving was doctor told me it was making my fms worse) since then i have not been able to work as i have gone from grade 1 of ten in pain at the age of twelve to grade 6 at age of 15 to grade 8 at age of 16 (while working) now to grade 10000000 at age of 17 not being able to even walk around the house proberly.

    It was hard work getting to london on the train but i left at 10 to get to the hospital at 2 and i was still 10 minutes late although i arrived in london at 11! (hospital was only 15 minutes away from train station.
  8. rockgor

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    In the USA the government borrows billions to provide foreign aid and to support an unpopular war. Meanwhile people like me, who just retired, find we can't afford our medications.

    And why do those medications that are made in this country cost more here than in other countries?

    Hard not to get discouraged/depressed.