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    I know i cant change anyone--but my anger and resentment and being trapped is building up inside me--to the point -where i just cant hide it anymore. i have been trapped living in my home with my parents--with a whole bunch of chronic invisible illnesses-and just abject ignorance and insidious behavior from my family. i have finally gotten to the point physically where maybe i could leave--but have no money or place to go. i have been through therapy--with the worst advice--and ignorance of these illnesses and to boot i cant take many of the meds. i really cant take--how i am looked at like a freak because of these illnesess and completely misunderstood...i really feel betrayed....
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    I too am stuck at home, but at least I have my hubby. I know what it is like to have family who does not belive that you have chronic pain conditions that are not seen. I have tried to get them to read letter to Normals but they didn't so it was a waste of paper and time.

    I know how hard it is to feel stuck with no where to go. Right now my car is dead and I don't ahve the money to fix it, My hubby tells me he will look at it and fix it if he can but it is at his speed not mine. I have my own issues with family that don't understand what fibro does to me , how it makes me feel ect. I have to learn to deal with it, and not get angry with them because they won't accept my pain or understand it. I know how hard it is when you are hurting and no one can see why, your arm is not broken, no cuts, lumps or bruise's. Only you know that your pain is real and it is so hard not to be angry at family , frends, who don't underdstand what your saying to them.

    I too have issues with getting people to understand what I go thru so I do the only thing I can read the Srenity Prayer ,Bless me to know the things I can change and the things I can't and the differennce to know the difference.
    {Not an exact quote there am having some fibro fog}You always have people here who understand. We live it daily, I am sorry that your struggling so much.
    Wish I had some thing profound to tell you but I don't, take care,
    Accept them even tho they don't understand you.