animal lovers, we need prayer please

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  1. hagardreams

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    I am missing a furry family memeber. About 5 weeks ago, one of my cats went in the backyard and didnt come home. I posted a sign, asked the neighbors, and the local animal shelter, and still nothing. I decided to beg God to at least let me know something. I would rather know that she was in Heaven, than somewhere being tortured. One night I prayed that God would at least give me some idea of what happend to her, a sign, anything. The very next day a down the street neighbor came over, that I havent talked to in over a year, and asked that I keep my cat out of his yard, a different cat. Ok, maybe we dont believe in that stuff, but I thought it was awful strange that he comes to the door asking me to keep the cats out of his yard, the very next morning after I asked God to let me know something. I dont know if he did something to her or not, but his reason for not wanting the cat in his yard was that "she was sitting on his swing". I was speachless, to say the least. This cat that he was talking about has been declawed. (not by me) She was another stray. Actually all 11 of my cats were strays. I asked God to send all the hungry animals, and I would feed them. Man did he ever take me up on that. LOL
    Honerys mom showed up after the house was rebuilt from the tornado in 1999. Cali brought 3 kittens with her, and Honery was one of them. Shes very special. Shes even been on the Planets funniest animals show about 3 years ago. If any of you watch, shes a dark goldish calico, and she was wrestling with a pillow shaped like a bass fish. I miss her so much, and I dont understand why someone would want to hurt her.
    Anyway its been 5 weeks now, and no sign of Honery. If those of you that love animals and pray, please pray and agree with me that "if" she is alive, then I will be lead in the right direction to find her. If shes dead, then I would be relieved to know she is in a safe place, and as much as I would love to get even with someone who could hurt any animal, "Vengance is mine sayoth the Lord", so I have to give this to God.
    Anyway all prayers will be greatly appreciated.
    God bless, Julie
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  2. 1975jet

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    I will say a prayer- I know how important pets are and what they mean to us all that have the little guys and gals.

    Hugs and your baby is on my prayer list
  3. Cromwell

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    I hope your cat shows up. Cats will sometimes take off in the summer, they will move house too if sharing with other kitties. Also, something I learned the hard way is to kep cats indoors in June as coyotes are feeding their young then and will come down stream beds in search of rodents mainly and berries. You can tell if they are around as often their poop is very black.(from berries)

    Cats will often run for miles if they happen upon a coyote and mostly are too fast for them, but they can get miles away.

    I would also call shelters that are not in your immediate vicinity and post in vets offices for about 20 miles.

    Only yesterday a neighbor called us regarding a little white and black cat in her yard to see if it could be one of ours. This neighborhood we all have a list of each others phone numbers and do a block party each year(although we just moved here) so she thought it could be ours with us being new.

    The other thing I do is ask people if I can check their garages and sheds and sometimes a cat gets into a shed that is then closed up, but one can usually hear them miaow.

    I always ask St Francis even though I am not catholic, as more than once I have been led to find a missing creature.

    Prayers for you. That neighbor probably would not harm your kitty but you could ask if he saw her. You can buy these water jet things that spray if a cat crosses the line, which could help keep your cats your side.

    As this cat is famous it occurs to me your local paper may like to run a free article on her. This may help.

    Love Anne Cromwell

  4. Tantallon

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    When one of my cats used to disappear I would visualize them returning back to me coming through the garden gate and sitting on the step, also I used to ask anyone who had passed away who I knew to return them safely home to me free of accident, injury or illness. Thankfully they always came back.

    I will say a prayer for Honery's safe return, or any news of her to come to you so that it will ease your worry of where she is.

    May God bless you
  5. Lendy5

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    I am a huge animal lover and have saved and rescued several cat/kittens since I was little.

    The last one I saved was a small kitten that appeared someone had hit her in the road but anyway, one morning I was on my way to work and a school bus had stopped in front of me and I heard this meow that was so loud.

    The bus moved and I looked down at the road and there she was, hollering for help! I stopped in the middle of the road and put my flashers on...LOL. I realized both her front legs had been hit.

    I picked her up and took her back to my mother-inlaws so I could get to work. Well anyway both of her legs had to be removed or she was gonna die. We decided she would have the surgery and now she is the most Playful, cheerful cat that you could imagine. She hops around like nothing has ever happened to her and has so much love.

    My mother-inlaw however fell inlove with her and wanted to keep her and still has her to this day. This was almost 2 years ago.

    One of our cats went missing several years back and we thought she was dead but a year later she came strolling up like she had never been gone. She did this a few times.

    I have seen several of our cats do this but they always find there way back home.

    I hope and pray that (((((Honery))))) is safe and will be lead the path back home. They are some of the smartest animals I know. Please keep us posted.

    Love & Hugs


  6. IntuneJune

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    Our pets are so important to us, they do not judge and love us for who we are!

    (Maybe I should take back the part about judging, I think our dog does!)

  7. SPR30

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    I pray that Honery will come home soon....... the not knowing will tear you up!
    Please let us know how she is.

    FUR BABIES RULE!!!!!!!!

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  8. Bambi

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    sure to go to any animal shelters or pounds in your area, calling just doesn't work. Also put up signs with big enough letters to read from a moving car.

    Beyond that PLEASE keep any other cats you have inside. The average life span of an outside cat is only three years, where an inside cat can live to 30 years. There are just too many dangers outside; cars, dogs, mean people, poisonous chemicals and plants and on and on.

    I'm not blaming you for the loss of your beloved kitty, most people just don't know or think about how important it is to keep them inside.
    Mine all adjusted to window watching
    outside at birds and all. We think they NEED to run and be free but they really don't. Not in this day and age
    of houses being close together and so many cars on the roads. They do just
    fine inside. Good luck on finding your kitty!! Bambi
  9. hagardreams

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    Thank all of you who said a prayer for Honery. I have been sick worrying about her, but have also put it in Gods hands. I know he loves her, after all he created her. I know how amazed I have been in the past with prayer, and I know that God will work this out. In the meantime, I have to focus on making sure my other cats dont get out.
    Thanks again, I know from past experiences how prayer works, and I know that I will know something soon.
    God bless, Julie
  10. sisland

    sisland New Member

    I'm Praying for Honery also!
  11. doxygirl

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    Iam in tears for you right now!

    Iam so upset thinking that your neighbor did something to your precious kitty!

    Did you aks him if he did anything to your kitty?

    If I were you I would consider calling the humane society and reporting him to he was upset over your kitty sitting on the swing! "ughhhh" maybe at least they could get an answer!

    Iam so sorry that you are going through this! I am an animal lover and my heart is aching for you and for what your kitty may have went through.............

    I hope your kitty comes home soon!

    prayers and hugs sweetie

    Thank you for feeding and giving all the kitties a safe place to live you are an angel....and should be commended for being a saviour to animals!

    The world needs more people like you in it!

  12. hagardreams

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    When the neighbor came over, I did ask him if he had seen her twice and told him she was missing, and he kept changing the subject. That probably was a sign, but I just havent wanted to accept it yet. I am still praying that she is ok, and maybe someone thought she was a stray and took her in. I wont give up on looking, even though its been over 5 weeks now since I have seen her.
    I am for sure an animal person. I found out a long time ago, by giving up eating out, I could feed a lot of animals, besides loose weight. LOL. Seriously though, the night of the may 3rd 1999 tornado, all I could think about was my rabbits, and parakeets. We walked home, and found them all alive, and we got them and left. There was not one, pardon my expression, DAMN thing in that house that I even wanted, except my bunnies and birdies. We left and didnt even look back. Things are tight now with my husbands attempted suicide last August, being on disability is rough, but I always make sure that the strays get fed, and have cool water.
    Anyway thanks again for all the prayers for Honery. I guess only God knows where she is right now, and he can bring her home, if not and she is with him, then I know I will see her again.
    God bless, Julie
  13. ilovecats94

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    I am so sorry to hear about the missing of your cat. I pray she is passed over instead of in pain. Possibly someone found her and gave her a good home and she just stays not too far from you.

    Hope she shows up soon! I can imagine how heartbroken you are. I know I would be that way or worse.

    Hugs and prayers,
  14. hagardreams

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    looks like we have a lot in common. i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 12 in 1973, i have neuropathy, of course the fibro, and the gastropersis. of course i love cats also.
    i am hopeing behond hope that honery is ok, and will come home. i am going to make sure they all stay inside. The one that has been an outside cat her whole life, is doing pretty good inside for the last 5 weeks. she still tries to get out, but if you say NO she will move away from the door. she was one that i never thought we would be able to keep inside.
    thanks for the good thoughts, and take care of you.
    God bless, julie