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    I love to watch animal planet. I sure did enjoy it yesterday. A lady bought a breed of dog, I forgot the name. Anyway, this dog is suppose to be a dog which generates a lot of heat. I was so surprised when she said that she bought the dog so that he could help her with her Fibromyalgia pain. OMG, I was so excited for her. When she goes for a drive she drapes the dog over her shoulders and his belly is so hot it helps her pain in her neck and shoulders.

    I just bought me a new puppy 4 weeks ago. Not this breed, but her belly is warm. I am trying this with my new puppy. Hey, no harm in trying. My puppy is small right now but she should grow into a perfect fit. So if you have a dog give it a try too. Take care.
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    I whatched that show too. It was really cool my mom and I have fibro. Michelle age 12

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    My little schnauzer Bubba is almost hot to the touch he sure helps the achy joints.
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    How cute is that!!! Since I am bedbound most of the day I watch lots of tv, especially Animal Planet and the Travel Channel. One makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and the other lets me escape. Watcing animal planet, though, I always realize I have a huge smile on my face. The other day I watched a show where this dog had puppies but didn't want to mother them. So, the family cat carried all the puppies to her trailer and made a little "nest" where she could nurse all the puppies (must have recently been pregnant). It was so cute! I just wanted to lay there with all the pups and the mama cat. It reminds me how we all take care of each other when one of us gets too tired or too down to take care of ourself. As a single person with CFIDS, I have found that animals are one of the most rewarding things in my life--love, affection, warmth, acceptance and understanding.

    Happy thoughts to you all,
    (the name of my cat)
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    The woman lives in Portland, Oregon. I have a cat that likes to curl up on the back of your neck. It feels fine when I am sitting, but he is way too heavy to walk around with.
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    I almost never watch the news or regular tv anymore. I dont think it is good for my health. I too love the "feel good" of animal planet. I dont get travel so its usually house and gardens.

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    Sandy, I guess you can't do that with your dog. But I bet snuggling with it is great. I bought a Tibetan Terrier because of sinus problems. No shedding and no body odor, isn't that great. She is so cute and lovable. Her name is Zoe and hopefully will not weigh more than 15 pounds when fully grown.

    I'll bet everyone who is reading this post either has a pet or wants one. If you want one go get a dog or cat. I really believe it helps take our minds off this awfull illness sometimes. It has for me. Take care and may you all enjoy the comfort your pet brings you.
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    If someone is looking to get a dog I would suggest a Chihuahua. I have 4 of them (and an over grown shelti and 2 black labs). If you are looking for companionship and love, they are GREAT!!! they love to snuggle!!!!. They are also very easy to care for and travel with.


    PS Mine love to wrap themselves around behind my neck when I drive!