Animal Prayers And Blessings

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    "We pray to you, God, our Creator, to bless our dogs with Your radiant light and love. May our animal friends have good health and happy lives and always be protected and safe.

    "We ask for better understanding as we learn from our dogs' wisdom, their innocence, their loyalty and particularly their seeming ability to not judge human beings unkindly.

    "Thank you for the pleasures, playfulness, and sometimes the surprising humor our pets display.

    "Thank you for their companionship and friendship, especially for those lonely hours we may have experienced.

    "Thank you for our companions' natural ability to teach us to be aware of the present moment.

    "Thank you for the pure beauty of every dog — their form, color, texture, motion is all a work of art, and may we appreciate Your creation of this masterpiece.

    "Bless all dogs in harm's way, heal the sick, protect those who are lost, and guide them to safety.

    "Thank you for the gift of love. Amen"

    by The Rev. Phyllis Ann Min
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    Especially the part~~Thank you for the gift of love. They love us so...unconditionally!
  3. springwater

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    As usual, a heartfelt beautiful prayer, one to keep turning to and sending out
    from time to time whenever we feel grateful for our canine friends or see one
    in need of help.

    God Bless
  4. Beadlady

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    this brought tears to my eyes. We both are missing our fur kid so much. I really want to get a new pooch, but I'm trying to take care of some housecleaning projects in the house before we get another pooch. The living room & dining room are a mess from going through closets and stuff. With working and all just not enough time or energy to do it all.
  5. springwater

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    "Thank you for our companions' natural ability to teach us to be aware of the present moment. "

    Yes, yes, yes. Something we need to learn from our furry kids.

    Beadlady. Take your time. Get your pet only when you feel the time is right for you. It will
    be much easier.

    God Bless
  6. windblade

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    And now we're all celebrating that you have Virgil!
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    Heavenly Creator,
    You whose magnetic love has kept us ever seeking you,
    Help us to keep our vision close and real in our hearts and minds and souls.
    Help us project it out on rays of light beaming from our hearts. Help us to hold
    this grand vision of all of us finally transcending into our true nature
    as beings of universal, transcendent love.
    We see this magnificent earth populated by kind humans who are fearless
    because You are in each one of us.
    And in this fearlessness we find no need or violence of any kind toward anyone.
    We live in harmony and mutual respect with all animals and all creation.
    Only Divine kindness and compassion, love and light expresses through us as we stand all rapt in awe at the holy wonder of the loving universe.
    Om Shanti, Shanti

    (Shanti means Peace in Sanskrit) (forgot who wrote this one - whoever you are, thank you!)
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    just scroll down a bit to video and play.
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    Love all that has been created by God, both the whole and every grain of sand. Love every leaf and every ray of light. Love the beasts and the birds, love the plants, love every separate fragment. If you love each separate fragment, you will understand the mystery of the whole resting in God.
    Fyodor Dostoevsky

  10. windblade

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    That is one powerful thing that unites us all here on this spirituality board. That great, passionate love, and desire to protect living beings. All of nature.
  11. Beadlady

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    Please help my sweet Vigil to not howl & bark in the house when we are gone. I leave him an assortment of toys for him to play with and now I am leaving both TV's on when I leave.

    He has made progress and I really do not want to give up on him.

    Thank you very much!!
  12. windblade

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    Praying for Virgil - I'm glad he's made some progress.

    I just came across something recently about soothing dogs when alone. Will try and remember.

    And maybe Cynthia knows since she did so much fostering and placement.