animals and nature as part of my spirituality

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  1. bigmama2

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    as many of us here, i LOVE animals - especially dogs. i love almost all animals and critters (with a few exceptions like spiders ewww). i feel a spiritual like feeling when i am with animals- meaning a peaceful content loving connected feeling. the unconditional love dogs give us is so wonderful and can be very healing. the way they look into your eyes like they look right into your soul/heart with love. i am very grateful for dogs!

    also nature- like down here in florida we have the most FANTASTICLY beautiful clouds. just do a web image search on it. also look up images of the sunsets in florida. and the beaches and the ocean (gulf) such pretty colors of blues greens teals turquoise. many times i have seen dolphins in the gulf- recently i saw one actually jump out of the water and flip on its back. lots of people were watching and everyone gasped with excitement! i think a few people actually squealed with delight. no, wait- that was me! hahahha

    anyone else want to share a spiritual feeling about animals or nature ???

  2. Rafiki

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    The animals closest to my heart are dogs and elephants.

    Must say, I'm not wild about mites!

  3. Debra49659

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    I love many types of animals....dogs and cats being the top two. We also have horse which are so truly beautiful and graceful. I love to watch them run. Their size does intimidate me, but my youngest has NO fear and will ride any horse that will let her on its!

    This is a beautiful way to share our loves of nature, thank you bigmama for starting this thread.

    I live in northern michigan, with tall hills and rolling valleys and of course the beautiful lakes and streams. I feel blessed to live in this gorgeous area.

  4. TwoCatDoctors

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    I was in Florida for 5 years with my dog and we lived about 3 miles from the ocean and would walk over the canals and see the fantastic birds there. I loved the blue herons, the tri-color herons, the sub marine bird (Commorant) and I now can't remember all the names of the numerous other birds. There was a bird that was short but had a long beek and would sit on the telephone lines making a lot of noise.

    The dog and I used to walk a lot and see the one type of birds pecking holes in the oranges and drinking the juice from them. Then there was a determined woodpecker that would try the concrete telephone poles that had metal pieces and he would hammer on the metal pieces and it would be so loud. But he had such determination that he kept trying.

    I used to go to the fishing inlet and watch the boats go between the Intracoastal and the ocean and the pelicans would all be lined up to pick up what the fishermen didn't want.

    I had a book with all the different birds and would keep it in my car and frequently I would see a bird somewhere there that was in the book.
  5. vivian53

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    I too find nature centering and spiritual. Often when I am anxious I go outside and sit under a tree or play with my dogs and just look around and take in the wonder of it all.

    I like to look at natures patterns. The kids have an old trampoline that is good for laying on and looking up through the trees. The Mesquite and Mimosa trees are putting on their leaves and when the sun shines they make such beautiful, lacy patterns everywhere.

    I also love to lay around in the water. I LOVED the description of Florida's beauty. I am glad you get to enjoy it's beauty. The Dolphins are amazing. Has any one seen that YouTube of them making a bubble toy and then playing with it?

    There is a wonderful spring fed river about half an hour from here that is crystal clear and cold. It is my favorite for tubing, which is a big past time in this part of Texas. I only go on the short trip, about an hour, because it gets too cold and I am too old.

    And I do love my pets. Since I have been sick and for many years bedridden for the most part, they have brought me such joy and comfort. The loyalty and trust they give. The kitty I rescued last moth has made herself part of the family.

    My daughter left for college four years ago and before she did she bought me a hand fed baby Cockatiel. He is a great bird, tamed and talking. Named Spike of course. I don't like seeing birds in a cage so I didn't clip his wings and he flies around the house. I have to watch him carefully though because he could fly out when someone comes in and he poops everywhere....

    And this has made me think of Rafiki and her mites. I hope you didn't get them from letting a bird sit on your head. lol The thought has occurred to me.

    Another thing that brings me joy is music. As I am writing this the Grateful Dead are playing on The View. I do love listening to the Dead and often thought that if my social work fell though I could always become a Dead Head. I think I would fit in. : )

    "Sometimes the light's all shining on me, other times I can barely see. Lately it's occurred to me, what a long strange trip it's been." The late, great Jerry Garcia.

  6. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    I could be a Deadhead, too! It was so good to see them this morning. And, yeah, what a long strange trip it is!

    Peace out,
  7. TwoCatDoctors

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    This lady is helping me clean my place so she put a foot stool in my bathroom in between the toilet and the sink. Cesar always accompanies me into the bathroom and the first time he discovered the foot stool, he got up there and turned around and faced forward. I'm on the toilet and looking at him not sure what to make of this.

    So being polite, I said to Cesar "Can I get you a kitty magazine and I think I have one of those 'Cat Fancy' ones around here?" and Cesar turned and looked at me for a few seconds and then went back to facing forward. Hummm

    So I said to Cesar, "well, it looks like you and I are going to be spending time in here sharing seats together so how about I get a TV for in here?" and Cesar turned and looked at me for a few seconds and then went back to facing forward. Hummmm

    I think there is an unwritten kitty rule that when in a bathroom, whether on the toilet or sitting on a foot stool, that one always faces forward, one does not talk to others, and that is the polite kitty thing to do. I didn't know, I'm only human.
  8. vivian53

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    Ok Rafiki should the need arise we have another career path. as Dead Heads. I still have my

    We have to just Keep On Trucking. : D

  9. Rafiki

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    Was it the Furry Freak Bro.s who originated trucking?

    I lived in city communes, engaged in Guerilla Theatre, attending rock festivals and belonged to consciousness raising groups.

    Things got a little bit derailed in the 80s but the nineties brought back the old values and interests... except this time 'round I finally got eastern religion.

    Peace out,
  10. vivian53

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    I came cross an old comic book about Fat Freddy's Cat in the barn the other day. Lol what a hoot.

    Yeah I have tried to carry on too, stuck here in the bastion of ignorance that I am. Still have my 60's values for the most part and they still serve me well.

    I felt like I let the Cause down though by not fighting this new war with the same outrage. Didn't have the strength. The young enlightened folks let me down when I tried to pass the torch.

    Love to learn about your religion. I am reading about the Four Truths. Why are they called the Four Toltec Truths? As in the ancient South American culture?

  11. Rafiki

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    Vivian, I think you're getting a little confused re your truths. The ones in my tradition are The Four Noble Truths. Rain's are the Four Toltec Truths.
    Which truths are you reading about?

    I posted about my splendid hippie past in my thread to SJ who seems interested in old hippies, bless her.

    I do most of my activism online these days. My Facebook page is a constant stream of petitions and actions and groups... I'm sure I annoy the heck out of the children who are not so engaged in all of this.

    Maybe your meant to still be carrying that torch. The internet makes virtual activism possible - perfect for us!

    I was teaching at a local college for a little while during the buildup to the war. It was an effort to find some work I could still do but I only lasted a couple of semesters. Anyway, I made my class go to demonstrations and interview those taking part.

    Gotta keep these younguns motivated!

    Peace out,

    PS Hey Cate!
  12. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi Bigmama,

    I loved your descriptions of your connections with animals and nature. I especially liked:
    ""the unconditional love dogs give us is so wonderful and can be very healing. the way they look into your eyes like they look right into your soul/heart with love.""

    Thought I'd mention a book entitled "Animals are Soul Too". It is a wonderful collection of stories about the spiritual (Soul to Soul) connections between animals and humans, and between animals and other animals. In a warm hearted way, it introduces a concept many are unfamiliar with, namely that animals are Soul too.

    I saw your description on Jaminhealth's thread about your not being Christian, so figured you might be open to and interested in this concept. I suspect most Christians would not be comfortable with this notion, but I can't say for sure. Anyway, I'd like to share a story that you might find interesting.

    Before I met my current partner (Alea), she had a wonderful dog named "Wonder". The bond of love between them was so special, that Wonder had a hard time letting go of his body when he was terminally ill, even though it was wracked with cancer at the time.

    Well, Wonder finally did translate, but still hesitated to go on to the next leg of his next journey in life. In a dream experience that night, Alea came upon Wonder at the edge of an ocean. He was wanting to go into the water, but still did not feel right about leaving Alea and her husband, and the wonderful loving connections they shared.

    Alea could see that Wonder's destiny was to go into the ocean, and was able to lovingly communicate to him that it was OK to move on. Upon entering the ocean, Wonder immediately turned into a dolphin, and immediately took on all the characteristics of happy, playful dolphins most of us are famililar with.

    Based on my own spiritual belief system, I would have to believe that Wonder eventually was reborn into this physical world as a dolphin, having started on this next stage of his spiritual journey on the inner planes.

    I'm curious if you or anybody else here feels that animals are Soul too. I would think the more we have become aware of the deep love animals and pets have within them, the easier it would be to accept this possiblity.

    Best, Wayne[This Message was Edited on 03/31/2009]
  13. Doznclan3

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    Rafiki, you like elephants too? :) I love the baby ones, they are soo cute.
    Anyway, I used to rescue dogs, foster and train them. Right now I have the limit in our county, three. I have a Golden Retriever that is 6 years old. A shnoodle that will be two in May, and a Standard Poodle that will be 2 in May.
    Yes bigmama, unconditional love from animals that are yours, or should I say, that you belong to. :) My standard is quite the watch dog, I can even see her as a guard dog. My husband works nights, and I love her being there, she has more of a manly bark, deep, than a girly. :)
    She's good when family comes, knows the difference though when it isn't family.
    I used to live in Florida, in Fernidina Beach. Many years ago when I was young. I still miss the beach, swimming, and also seeing those dolphins. Once, one of my sisters was out, not that far, but a dolphin was popping his head up behind her watching her. We were all yelling at her to turn around, and we would point, she would turn, but the dolphin was fast, would just stay behind her, no matter which way she turned. We were all laughing. She came in asking what in the world we were laughing at. It was cute to watch. We never saw it again after she left the water.
    Another animal, I would have a horse in my back yard if I could. :) Had my days though, riding in the foothills, and riverbottoms. I have great memories there.
    Thanks for this post, it was fun.
    Love, Cynthia