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    Oh my! I was thinking how many times ive been gotten by one of the above. Lets see...ive been stung repeatedly by a school of jellyfish...bitten by a dog...pinched by a crawfish on the bottom of my foot...stepped on by a horse when i was barefoot...butted by a goat...chased by a flock of geese...licked in the face by a camel...stung by a scorpion...had a hive of yellowjackets get down my shirt...sprayed by a skunk...and bitten by a copperhead. I THINK thats it. Is it just me?
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    it IS just you.

    LOL :)

    and wow! holey moley!

    i once got attacked by a swarm of hungry fish.....

    because, I, the idiot, went into the ocean with a bunch of fish food shoved down the bust area of my bathing suit. dont ask. lets just say - the other swimmers really got a eyeful that day. there was no other way to get all the fish food out of my suit and to make the fish stop attacking me. not my finest moment. lol.

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    You musta been a tomboy, Becky. (Or is that term political incorrect now?) Well,
    you musta been an adventurous and spunky youngster. (Or did all this happen
    last year?)

    I'm happy to report I've never been attacked by any of those creatures. Or fish either,

    Now what's this about a copperhead? Copperheads are venomous! Websites report
    the bite is seldom fatal, but does need immediate medical treatment.

    Always, remember, Boys and Girls. The copperhead is your friend. But stay far away.
    If you want to see an example of this beautiful snake, you can visit Youtube. Or

  4. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member sorry but i got a mental picture of your mishap. I also died laughing. Thats hilarious! Im sure at the time it wasnt but we can laugh now right? You said not to but i gotta...WHATwere you doing with that fish food in your bathing suit? . . . . Yes rock i was a tomboy much to my proper southern mothers consternation. I spent 3 days in the hospital with the copperhead bite and 2 wks in a wheelchair. And he only got me with one fang. I puked my guts out. I was quite the celebrity at the hosp. I was discharged 2 days before small sons 2nd b-day. The ambulance guys wouldnt set foot on the porch cos they didnt know where the snake was. Dont really blame them. But one spotted the varmint and hacked him to pieces with a hoe. I didnt care at that point. Id already waited 45 mins for the ambulance.Fun times fun times!
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  5. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member could be on a show called "Wildlife Gone Wrong!!!

    You must have one strong constitution to be able to put up with all of that! I think, in order to stay safe, you should just sit on the couch and WATCH shows about animals!!

    Just sayin'........

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