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    I totally agree-so sick of monies spent on supplements to no avail of profit of well being. Tired of reading and listening to people's theory and reasoning. Another half of yr. on Coral calcium now (new) for me and not one thing different except my wallet. Evidently other's metabolism is more receptive or something. I don't know. Tried NONI (Hawiian supplement); everybody swore by it..$35-anyway, you should of seen my Ezema after one month. Have never had this. Dr. saw it and about fell over. I would reduce the amt. and the ezema would get smaller in diameter and less appearing..then take normal dosage; and boom-huge break out. I knew then-causative agent. Stop taking. Oscal and I could list 20 other things from Pro-Health for Fibro patients-not one bit of relief or change. Just FYI. So, I don't get it when hearing testimony of other's.
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    I haven't noticed much difference with most things, but then again I'm really scattered. I will continue to take them though, along with a stab at maintaining good nutrition. I figure supporting my basic physical make up can't hurt. I just ordered the Coral Calcium, well there you go, may be something else to make my urine healthy!
    I did go to a gal that put me on a nutritional and detox type program. The products were less individual supplements and more dedicated to things like colon cleansing and such. This did help, as I had listened to someone else about a particular diet and had gotten myself into hot water, because I couldn't digest the soy that was a mainstay of the diet. I balooned into a giant ball and I was hard as a rock it wasn't even like fat. Frogers, guess all we can do is try to basically support our health, but I agree not great changes happening here either and I've tried alot of programs.
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    So sorry about the trouble you've had. Hopefully we will find a way to be helped. I guess my biggest gripe is with certain supplements that are sold with a lot of houpla and that are expensive but that don't work. I'm thinking in particular of certain multi-level marketing company products, which I won't mention. I don't have any problem with basic vitamin and mineral supplements and do take them, even though I don't feel their effects. I'm just such a sucker that I tend to buy the latest product that's being hyped, only to be disappointed, once again.
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    supplements are more "natural" or something, when in fact the regular medicines are generally made from the same
    things, and some are made synthetically in
    order to get a reliable dosage and some do so keep from desimating some of the
    plants that are rare. Just as when you have a headache your body is not suffering
    from an aspirin shortage, these pains are
    due to chemical and physiological things
    that have gone haywire in our bodies and
    need to be studied and hopefully a way
    discovered to correct or undo the resulting damage. You cannot argue with the believers though, if they don't get
    results they believe it just isn't "their"
    particular need, if they get worse it's
    pain before feeling better. If they feel
    better for awhile it's the supplement but
    from what I've seen most relapse and that
    usually means a "herx" which again is feeling worse before you feel better. When
    I get worse, I also get better. When I have bad days I eventually have better days. I just stick to the medications that
    have undergone trial and error, whose
    doses are consistant and that usually help
    the symptoms. I have great hope that they
    will find a cure or at least a treatment
    that will help all of us but until then
    I don't think I'm qualified to be my own
    doctor. The old saying that a doctor who
    treats himself has a fool for a patient
    often holds true. I do take a BComplex
    because it definitely has helped with my
    moods..I also take fish oil and magnesium
    since there seems to be evidence that it
    could help (note: "could") so far I see no
    difference in anything. I will try them
    another month and then if no change I'll
    save myself the cost of more. To each their own and if things help someone, they
    do..whether it's actual help or some sort
    of "belief" that it helps is irrelevent. I
    do worry about long term results though of
    some of these fad things that keep popping
    up and everyone jumps on..and in interactions that are unknown. Otherwise I
    will just stick to the things that do treat the symptoms as far as the pain and
    IBS etc and await anxiously the final cure. I also check Quack Watch now and then. I know that isn't a popular site with some. Hugs, Bambi