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    Most of you know what I'm going through,but I'd like to share a bit. I'm a single mom(12yr. old daughter) whose content,but unhappy,with the way my life seems to be slipping away from me. My whole world changed in 1985 when,I believe,I started showing major signs of CFS and,I think, FM,also. I wasn't 'diagnosed' until around 2001...? Like many of you(I'm assuming),I've been struggling to survive and have a normal life...but feel like I'm getting nowhere...I don't want to be part of a chatroom...If there are any of you who like chatting one-on-one and are christian(not set in stone),I'm here. Hope to hear from those of you who share my 'woes' and 'optimism'(of a sort) about these horrible diseases. Anjie
  2. AnjieCFSFM

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    It's nice to know you're a mommy,too :) ~*Anjie*~
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    welcome to the board. you might want to fill out your bio so people can get to know you. charlene

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