Ankle pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bugshale, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. bugshale

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    What does anyone out there do for ankle pain? I have gotten orthotics for my sneakers and my ankle still hurts so very bad.
  2. zggygirl

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    That's me!
    Yes I have orthotics, (custom made) also and I can't wear them.
    The best thing I have found is icepacks. Or a bag of frozen peas. I wrap the ice pack around my ankle, or under my foot and around my ankle. Nexcare makes one with a cover and stetchy stap with velco so it stays in place. It is worth the money for the ease of use. And it really doesn't cost more than the regular ice packs in the drug store.
    Apply it for 10 minutes or until it begins to ache or sting.
    you don't want to damage the tender skin.
    Also a tennis ball! Roll your foot over it with the toes pointed down (curled) see if this feels like it is "massaging" or stretching a sore muscle under your foot. If it is it will help. Do it as often as possible when you are sitting, watching TV, on the phone, etc.
    Let me know if this helps. Where on the ankle does it hurt the most?
  3. Mrs. B

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    an ankle brace simlar to an ace bandage and do the same type of excersises as mentioned above with a can of soup (single serving is the right size). The doctor told my husband when he went in for ankle aches to stretch out his leg & point his toes toward the ceiling. When he did she put her knuckle in the middle of the arch of his foot. Because of the pain he felt there she knew the soup can would help and it worked for both of us. Due to my FMS and lack of normal exercise I have to do it more often though. I wear the brace around the house and then it's less stress if I don't want to wear if we go out. It stops the aches for hours. Hope this helps.

  4. bugshale

    bugshale New Member

    The front of the ankle and kinda on the sides towards the front. Then I limp and the whole foot hurts and then my back. I can not win. Ice helped just a little. Heat sends me through the roof, ouch! Thanks for the help! I will try anything at least once. I will keep using the ice.