ankylosing spondylitis

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    My brother was just diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. I have had FMS for 7 years and a lot of the symptoms are similar. I wonder if I should be tested for this too? Anyone know anything about AS??
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    But I think only men get it? Better check with somebody else, I could be wrong here.

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    I don't know about only men getting it. When I was first worked up, that blood test was added. If you're worried, ask your doc for the blood test. I'm sorry I can't remember which one it is, but I'm sure someone on here will know. My ex has AS, but I'm not really very educated about it. I'm sorry for your brother, though. It's a tough illness to live with as I understand it. Just get the test and rest easy.
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    I have a Brother and Sister who both have this, it's not a Fun that's for sure.
    There's a Ton of info on the internet, but of course I can't give you an URL, but I can tell you about a great group called, also Enable Center for Ankylosing Spondylitis, The Ankylosing Spondylitis Site.
    You can also find more information at Arthritis Insight.
    I had the Blood Test done, a couple of times, and it always come's back neg. But they still check for AS from time to time, because of the Similiar Symptoms.

    If you start treatment right away, you may have an easier time of it than what my Siblings are going through.

    Good luck to you,
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    They were put on Anti-inflamatory's, but you have to watch out for them, because of the damage it can do to your Intestine's, and Stomach. My Brother has been Hospialized for Bleeding and Infections in thoes area's.
    He's been dx since the 70's, he was alway's having back pain and when he was in the Army, he was blown oof the Truck he was in. Hurt his back and that made it esclate, he's fused, totally from head/neck to his back. He walks hunched over.

    I truly believe that if he had more information back then he probably would have changed his Diet then, he's trying now, but, he's put on a lot of weight. Now he can't move about so it's hard to lose it.

    He does Range of Motion excerise's tho, a lot of which can be done in Bed, so that the Muscles and Tendions don't Atphtry, I also do these, I showed them to him, because they were easy and do work. Most Library's carry, Book's on Physical THeraphy, you can some that have good excerise's and they have Diagrams, to help you do them the right way.
    Walking, and swimming, help, but he's past that now, or so he say's ;]
    but he just moved to a monile park that has a Pool, so hopefully he'll go there,f if nothing else just so he can talk to People. lol

    The Meds he's on, are more than I can remember, except for the ones that he takes that are the same as Mine,
    Vicodin, a Muscle Realxer, not sure of his, mine are Soma's, and then we both take Vistril for itching, and anxiety.
    He also has Xanax, which I am now trying since it helps him with Stress so well.
    He's on some anti-Botics, and I think Steriod's or he was on them, which I think is a med that should be avoided unless it's something that it will save a life .
    Only from what I have read here, from other member's, you could use the Search, at the top of the page here, and type in the subject you want to check back in our Back Post's, should I have said previous Post's.??

    I would have a Blood test to double check, there is simple test to show if you have it or not. X-ray''s will, show the fussing of the bones, but that Happens also with OA and Denegerative Disc Diease, which I do have, along with Spinal Stenosis, so the symptoms, along with the FMS/CMP gave rise to the suppsion that I might also have AS.
    So far so good. I do have Arthritis that show up in my X-ray's, I keep all my MIR's an X-rays stored at my Orthopedic Doc.s He's the one who treats me beside's my Rhumolotigst.

    Good luck to you,
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    Thanks everyone who posted on this subject for me, when I called my rheum to ask if I should be tested, he said that it wasn't necessary because some people test positive and never have AS symptoms. I think this is a rather lame answer so I'm glad some of you posted all this good info. I am worried about this because I have a lot of back pain (especially lower back) & hip pain (always thought from FMS). I also have poor posture, my hubby kids me about my hump-back - aren't these symptoms of AS?
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    I always thought that AS had to do with the spine. I have it plus fibro. Can and will you explain AS to me?
    Thank you
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    Hi All,

    I, too, have this and it is INCREDIBLY painful! Excerpts from "The American Med. Assoc. Home Encylopedia":

    "Ankylosing Spondylitis is an inflammatory disease affecting joints between the vertabrae of the spine and the sacroiliac joints (joints between the spine and the pelvis). AS affects less than 1% of the population, is more common in men than women....A genetic marker or tissue type (HLA-B27) is found much more often in people with this condition than in the rest of the population....Back pain and stiffnes that is worse in the morning and relieved by exercise is suggestive of this condition....but later in the disease ankylosis is shown by loss of space between joints and bony no curative treatment but symptoms may be reduced by a program of heat, massage, and supervised exercise....anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed to reduce the pain and stiffness....The inflammatory process tends to become less active with age. With treatment, most people suffer only minor deformity of the spine and are able to lead a normal life."

    Hope this helps understand a little better what AS is.
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