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    NEW YORK, Feb. 27 Two drugs Anna Nicole Smith reportedly was taking may have been prescribed if she were suffering from lupus, an expert in New York told Access Hollywood.An official cause of Smith's death has not been determined. Before her death, she reportedly used Topamax, Dilaudid and Methadone, according to testimony in a Florida hearing on her burial.

    These drugs normally aren't prescribed for lupus, a disease affecting the immune system. Pregnancy combined with lupus, however, could present severe pain, according to the expert contacted by Access Hollywood.Bob Lahita, a physician and professor of medicine at Mount Sinai Medical School, said about 60 percent of lupus patients develop fibro myalgia, which can cause chronic and extreme pain all over the body, Access Hollywood reported. Sleeping can be difficult because of the pain, so Topamax and Dilaudid may have been used for comfort, Lahita told Access Hollywood.Smith gave birth to her daughter last fall. If she had lupus, the symptoms of lupus three months after delivery can really flair up, he told Access Hollywood.Lahita said he has been contacted by at least one other media outlet since claims Smith had the disease began to surface.
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    I have a question....I also read the article and Iam curious as to how they determine the difference between fibromyalgia and lupus?

    I know lupus shows up in blood work but the symptoms are so similar Iam wondering how they dx fibromyalgia after having lupus?

    Does this make sense?

    I have a friend that also has both lupus and fibromyalgia and before I got dix she was so sure I had lupus since I had the same basic symptoms as she did.

    I have always thought there was a connection between lupus and fm.......

    I feel like the reality show she did and other things on tv protrayed her as taking drugs to get high....something that MOST people sadly accuse us fmr's of and now to finally find how she may have suffered in her own silence breaks my heart.....

    Just proves the point that we should never judge another.....especially when we may not know all the facts!

    If anything good does come from bad...maybe her death will bring more awareness for all of us who suffer from these dd, and therefore help to find a reason and a cure!

    Thanks for your post


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    I saw her friend/assistant being interviewed on one of those shows. She said Anna had lots of pain all over her body. She didn`t however say what she had that caused it. It made me wonder if she had Fm or something like it. I guess more will come out later on about all this.

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    And i thought "how sad". So, if she had these problems, and of course, didn't want to speak up, and has just been labeled a "drug addict", that will just take the cake.

    She probably had CFS and was afraid of being called *crazy*!
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    Lupus shows up in my bloodwork to, but Dr. said it wasn't elavated that much to worry about. I didn't waste my energy on him, but have a daughter who has it on her face, I think it is called discoid lupus. As my homeopathic dr said when my hair on one side turned a sick greenish color, " very interesting". My body excreted something. I have had many different experiences on these meds.
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    My bloodwork (Fana) test indicated Lupus in 2002. Six months later is did not although I had many of the symptoms. I was told by someone w/ lupus that many of the symptoms are similar. With Lupus - you may test positive once and never test positive again but that does not mean you don't have Lupus. Since then I believe my symptoms memic Fibromyalgie and that is how I am being treated with regular blood work.

    In other words, the best of doctors don't know the answer to our medical issues.
  9. I saw some footage where Anna needed help going up stairs, she seemed to be in pain. ????
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    as someone that's read a lot about it :)
    Lupus seems to be a bit more debilitating than FM. Everyone i've ever known with it ended up in a wheelchair as it attacks the joints as well as the organs.

    It is characterized by a facial rash that appears at the onset, sort of a red butterfly rash and spots and rashes are on of the bigger symptoms.

    I have said for a while now that Anna Nicole had something.

    I know when i'm on ambien I get so spaced out.

    Howard was asked if Anna had lupus and he said that friend that was reporting that was just a little off, she did have something but he wouldn't talk about it.

    I think maybe she had FM or MS or something like lupus and explained her condition as something like lupus or maybe the drs thought the she had lupus to begin with.
    AND she definitly didn't want it getting out.
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    I felt so sorry for Anna. She must have known what she was doing.

    Then again: maybe she had too many people around her that did not take care of her.

    A very sad day for all.

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    hi, I too, saw the footage where her friend said she had Lupus. I suffer from Mixed Connective Tissue disorder/ with Scleroderma, Lupus, Fibro, Sjrogens, and a host of others. I can surely understand her speech and actions if she did suffer from Lupus and yes, she probably DID suffer from Fibro too, since all that junk goes together. I take neurontin and when I was on higher doses, I was loopy. I also take Vicodin and get six injections every three months. I had a "Heller Myotomy" 2/9/07 to correct damage from the Scleroderma, whereas my lower spincture had hardened and wouldn't allow my food to go down.They had to cut the spinture and do a half wrap of my tummy around my esophagus to keep my food from coming back up. The surgery was a success and I am doing very well. all my food was stored in my esophagus, resulting in a warn out esophagus. I am still on liquid diet and soft foods. I sypathize with anyone suffering from any of these diseases. The sad part is my youngest daughter has inherited the MCTD/ fibro. miss Lou aka Muggslee00
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    The Dr. who has the lump on top of his head had mentioned that he felt that the death may have been caused by some medical condition. I remember him saying that right after he did the autopsy.
    What a convoluted mess, huh?
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    I also wanted to say in regard to wich is the worse, Fibro or Lupus? It depends which day it is. There are days when I have the Lupus fevers and am wiped out and days when the Fibro pain is so bad I want to cry. But yet, does one really know which one is worse? They are all bad. I think my Fibro is the worse one, then when I have the high fevers I think the Lupus is worse. The scleroderma is no picnic either. I have my faith and smile a lot because thats what is expected of me. I am 64 now, but sufferd in my 20's without a dx. They never called me a hypachondriac, or said it was in my head. They always KNEW something was wrong and ran tests all the time. They did know about the Lupus back when, but not the others. Lou
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    I agree with DOxy maybe some good will come out of this tragedy. AT least they are saying how bad these dd's can be. I said to my husband one time that she seemed like she had FMS. She stayed in bed and was fatigued and in pain. The meds they gave her are what they give us and knock us out. I think we should perhaps contact Media and let them know how bad it can be and if she was suffering from DD's support her.
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    The Dr. who has the lump on top of his head ...
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    we never should judge anyone on their appearance! I've learned that since having all these problems since there are times I would take anything to stop the pain! And, yes, there are times the Neurontin makes me loopy and tired. I feel so sorry for her and wish she had spoken up.
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    I wish she had spoken up too!!! I noticed she always had to hang on to something or someone and was not steady on her feet.
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    Could it be that Anna Nicole Smith died of a terminal illness ... & not from anything drug related?
    A longtime friend of Anna Nicole Smith broke the news to ET Tonight about a secret than Anna had told him a couple of years ago.
    Frank Rodriguez claims that Anna revealed to him that she suffered from Lupus. He also believes that Anna died due to complications from Lupus. He said: "Her whole body would ache. She would just shut down, basically; she would sleep for days. It was frightening at times, the seizures. She went into seizures a lot. She would black out a lot of the times. She pulled me aside and she told me that she was on medication for it. She told me her condition."

    The reason why Rodriguez came forward with this information, he wants to set the record straight & put an end to the speculations & rumors that Anna Nicole had died of drug abuse.
    If you don't know what Lupus is, it's a disease in which the body's immune system attacks its own organs & tissues, because it can't tell the difference between harmful substances & healthy ones.
    It most often affects the joints, skin, kidneys, heart, lungs, blood or brain, which can result in achy joints, fever, prolonged fatigue & seizures.

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    I was once thought to have lupus because I had many of the symptoms and one of the anomalies in the bloodwork but my doctor at the time told me that with lupus you have inflammation of the joints but do not in fm. Also in lupus you may have a rash or some other organ failure but in fm you do not.

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