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    welcome to the board, annaleeb, i saw a few posts that you are new, but didn't want to respond on them in case you didn't see it.
    if you click on your name, you can find your posts, then click on them and see if anyone responded, but if its off subject of the post,some might not.

    so anyway--welcome, i hope you gain a wealth of helpful info on this board, and find answers to any questions (remember--there are NO stupid questions!!) you might have regarding this ridiculous illness. (not sure if you are new to fm/cfs or just board)

    so it is nice to "meet you"-have a great day--L
  2. annaleeb

    annaleeb New Member

    Thank you ever so much for the warm welcome, and the info that I so needed already, as to see if some one posts back to me, as I was lost :) I came across this forum yesterday in my searching for help with this terrible syndrome, as they call it :(
    I can say I have had so many symtoms of this DD, for years, and I am getting way worse, in pain 24/7 getting out of bed in the morning is so hard, and doing the every day stuff that was once so easy! Like dishes, it takes me so long to do them, and sometimes I just can't. My gp has been walking around this for years, tests here and there, but now I do have a wonderful pain doc, she is great. I am set to see a new Rhummy on Friday, she is very good from what Iam told,
    I so need to get ssi also, as I cannot pay for my meds with out some type of insurence. so afraid to get turned down.
    This is the best place for me to be. I know my husband just doesnt understand, ex....i told him i found this wonderful forum, and he just kept walking, :( He can't see whats wrong so to him it doesnt exsist I guess. :(
    any way thanks so much. :) I will be on here for a long time to come, I can see that! :)
    So thank full for this board.

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