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    Sorry to be bugging you about this soup recipe. Do you drain the beans first or not before putting into the pot? Sometimes it makes a difference, too watery if you don't drain it. Although I guess since it is a soup it might not make it to liquidy.

    I will probably make it tonight or put it together and then put it on when I got to church. Will put it on low !!

    All the soupss looked so good ad will probably make them at another time.

    Thanks again !


  2. AnneTheresa

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    I also drain the beans. Enjoy!
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    I don't know which recipe you are making, but what I do when I have to drain stuff that goes in soups or stews, is save the juice and then if I need to add more liquid, I use the drained juice. Heck, sometimes, I just allow for the drained juice in the liquid the recipe calls for, and it enhances the flavor some - not diluted with plain water.

  4. Granniluvsu

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    Anne Theresa, Linda and Budmicki,

    Thank you all for your tips. I sometimes also save the the liquid from the can too. However, as you probably already know, they (canned veggies, etc.,) usually have lots of extra salt. I love salt but shouldn't have to much of it due to my hi b/p also.

    So, depending on the recipe I either drain and rinse or occasionally do save some of it to add, if needed.

    Thanks I am anxious to try this soup. I sounds easy and delish !!

    Budmicki - it is the cabbage bean soup or bean an cabbage soup - whatever you call it that Anne Theresa put on the board in my search !! Stay warm !! It is finally starting to try and wrm up here in Tx but I need to get alot warmer to feel comfy (-: !!

    Yhe recipe called for 3 onions but I cut up 2 as they were pretty good sized, esp. one of them. The others I had were HUGE.

    Big hugs to you all,


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