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    Do you go to Dr. Perlmutter? I live in Naples, and need a new Dr. Share with me any info on him if you can! Thanks
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    Sorry to take so long to respond!!

    I'm from the northeast, and I had a phone consult w/ Dr. Pelmutter-one of my treating physicians, a CFS GWS doc. participated. Various situtations prevented us from a follow up phone consult, which we are now in the process of planning.

    I saw from your last post that you were a patient of Dr. Cheney, so you need a new physician. I had tried to consult w/Dr. Cheney, but he wasn't taking new patients, so we consulted w/Dr. Perlmutter instead.

    Dr. Perlmutter is into Hyperbarics, and he does a lot of IV glutathione. You can read his protocols in his book.I strongly recommend thta you read the book and check out the website before your consultation.

    Dr. Perlmutter follows the literature, but, at that time, he was not familiar w/KU (spring of 02 consult), but he may be now.

    Office staff is well organized-Dr. P. is a second generation physician, and I find thta they run better practices.

    There is also another neuro in the practice, and I think there is a chinese doc.

    I had emailed and faxed appt questions and notes in advance of the appt., and we covered EVERYTHING in an hour. I taped the appt. for other treating physicians.

    At that time, he billed at $450.00 per hour.

    The physician who joined me had to close her practice for almost a year-it was really rough-I lost another treating physician on the very same day, and my third physician was brought up before the medical board that very same week!!!

    It was really difficult to get a new team back up and running, but it is working out. I now keep 3 docs onhand-it's a network of physicians who are like minded-all of them have some connection to our illness-they take a personnal interest, and they are open minded. They all have slightly different treating philosophies, but we all respect one another's opinion, and we all collaborate. dr. Permutter is an excellent fit-we have incorporated IV glutathione into my protocol, and it is helping me-I'm one of the KU patients.

    do you know what DR. Cheney is using as a KU substitute? Are you a Ku patient? If so, how are you doing?

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    Dr. Perlmutter IS FAMILIAR w/ Kutapressin, he WAS NOT familiar w/ Imunovir.

    Dr. Perlmutter DOES use Growth Hormone, But at the time thta we spoke, he had not used it in CFS.
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    I used KU for a short time last year, and Dr. Cheney took me off, Im not sure why, maybe the cost. And his office is closed so I could not call to ask. Hopefully he will survive his heart transplant and come back to work. I thought I read on this message board that KU was avaliable again? Good luck.