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    What does TRAPS stand for? I'd like to know more. I've never heard of this, I know I need to get her help, hersymptoms aren't normal and I fel like they were brushed off.

    Who does that with a child? I do feel she needs more in depth help, but not sure exactly where to start.

    God Bless
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    Stands for a receptor associated periodic syndrome that involves flares of stomach pains, bone/muscle aches, flares in temperature periodically.

    Often there is quite a lot of pain and also some weight loss at the flare time.

    It affects girls a lot and from a young age.

    It may be worth asking to see a rheumie for sure, as also she could have JRA, plus several blood disorders inc. leukemia(but don't scare yourself on that) can present in this way too.

    My feeling is with children that we need to rule out these conditions as quickly as possible. A bank of blood work should point you in the right direction.

    If you google on TRAPS disease they give some details.

    Very few regular pediatricians are very "up" on these rarer diseases and often overlook things. They seem these days to do the shots, and well child and little else. In fact pediatricians around here will only agree to take "well" children. How about that?

    TRAPS always comes in periodic flares. Our son has autism and JRA and also an undxd condition of his face that has been going on forever (over a year) so we get to know about all these other things and he gets tested for them.

    Other things to be tested for would be thyroid and kidney, but a Creactive protein would also show if she had inmflamation.

    Good luck. Keep pressing and insisting. We have found that the docs just slough off otherwise.

    Love Annie
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    for the info.

    I will be calling her doc's office on Monday and get them moving to find out what is going on.

    God Bless
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    I would just say you want a complete blood work up and have the doc run a neuro test too. Best to rule out and be sure, even though kids can get pains for no reason too.