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    I was asked to help spread the word, so here it is:

    Susan Marra, ND - Speaking at Seattle CFS

    Seattle CFS and WA Lyme are proud to co-sponsor

    a talk with Dr. Susan Marra

    which will be hosted by Seattle CFS.

    A while back I had mentioned that an exceptionally gifted Lyme literate doctor from the east coast might be re-locating to Washington State.

    I am happy to announce that Dr. Susan Marra has finally arrived!

    Some of you already know Dr. Marra, but for those of you who do not know who she is, her practice was located in Connecticut. (Ground Zero for Lyme Disease). She is a nationally known lyme-literate doctor who has been working with Lyme Disease patients since 1999. She is an ILADS member, and was trained by world leading experts including pediatric Lyme Disease specialist, Charles Ray Jones, MD in New Haven, CT, and adult Lyme Disease specialist, Richard Horowitz, MD in Hyde Park, NY.

    Dr. Marra and I met over the phone over 3 years ago while I was trying to find a qualified doctor who could care for one of our higher risk members who had recently become pregnant. Since then I have been trying to get her to consider relocating to Washington State.

    It has been a long road for all of us in finding quality treatment for this very complicated and debilitating illness.

    It is hard to believe that less than three years ago our only options for care was to refer members to Canada or California or to other doctors located outside our state. I am so very proud of the work we have done as a community, and so very appreciative to each of you who have helped to identify and encourage many of our local doctors to become interested in seeking further education in the treatment of this disease.

    As a result of everyone’s effort, we now have many fine doctors in our community who are qualified to properly test, diagnose and treat Lyme Diease. GOOD JOB EVERYONE !!!

    To welcome Susan Marra, ND to our community, and to provide an opportunity for you to meet her, the Seattle CFS and WA Lyme are proud to co-sponsor a night with Dr. Susan Marra, where she will be giving a talk on Lyme Disease: A hidden epidemic. This talk will provide an in-depth discussion on symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and much more.

    I know this is very short notice, but I hope you will try to make it to meet her. The Seattle CFS group has graciously offered to host this event, and Dr. Marra has accepted the invitation to come to talk with all of us.

    Date: February 26, 2008

    Time: 6:30 [Talk starts at 7:00]

    Topic: Lyme Disease: A Hidden Epidemic


    Virginia Mason Hospital
    925 Seneca Street

    Seattle, WA 98101 <>

    This is a Fragrance Free Meeting and please visit the CFS Seattle Website which provides tips on to prepare for fragrance free events.

    Map Link: (located on CFS Seattle Website) <,+Seattle,+WA++98101,+United+States#q1=925+Seneca+St,+Seattle,+WA++98101,+United+States>

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