Another bad day...just need to talk

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by jbg, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. jbg

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    Hi all,
    I usually just come and read posts, but today I really need some one to lean on. I just found out that another young girl I know died yesterday in a auto accident. She is my "son's" favoite summer day care teacher. He is 7 and says she is his girl friend. She was such a wonderful girl!

    I lost my niece 5 yrs ago at christmas time in a car accident. She was like a daughter to me. We are now raising her son. We have had him since he was 2. Then 9 months later, I lost my 17 year old daughter in a car accident. She was killed by a drunk diver. Then two years after that, my other daughters best friend was murdered. There have been a few others too. But not real close to us.

    Just don't know what to do. It just feels so bad. I have been in tears on and off all day. I went to school with the girls mother. Taught her in Girl Scouts when she was little. We had such good talks when I would pick up my "son" at afterschool day care. This little guy is the light in my life, and I am so afraid of what it will do to him. He has been through soo much for such a little kid. I don't know what it is going to do to him. I know I can deal with it but he is so little. Tanya was home for Christmas break and he was so happy. He just last week asked when summer was going to be here so he could see his girlfriend again. My heart is just breaking.

    Please say some prayers for her and her family.
    Thanks for letting me vent my sorrows....

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    God bless you and give you and your family comfort in this difficult time. The Lord is our strength...lean on Him.

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    always helps some, and God knows that all of us have come to this board to vent.
    Losing someone is hard especially to children who can't really comprehend that pain.

    I will be praying for all that are hurting from this. I know from experience that God can be our 'cushion' in hard times.

    My daugher recieved an email today with one sentence...."If God brings you to it......He will bring you through it."

    Maybe she told me that so I could share with you. I pray that you will be given the calmness and courage to help your son understand.
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    Julie, I hope God can heal your heart and your family's in this trying time for you. I know he can. I pray that you will find some sense of peace and take comfort in the fact that you are loved and God is watching out over you. At times I know it does feel like we are alone and it is hard to deal with but never give up or give in. Remember the devil puts stumbling blocks in our way to try to trip us up and at times he succeeds. I pray that you can overcome his trials and keep looking to God for strength. Icannot say I know how you feel, but my heart does go out to you and your family and as hard as it is, please don't give up and keep your heart and mind on what is important. Prayers and hugs to you!!