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    I live in Oregon.
    They sent me material to see if I wanted ptA or ptB.I said my husband still is working and so I will just take the free hospital one. Well,now someone told me my husbands will only pay 20%.
    I am 57 and on SSDI.
    Is this true,the SS person didnt tell me anything like that.
    I wish they would make all this more honest and easieer to understand.Snd I cant tell you how much I appreciate helping us on your own time.
    God bless you
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    A little background first, you have a 7 month window to sign up for medicare part B. Three months before your (65th) birth month, the month of your birthday, and three months after. After that, you may be denied, have to submit to a physical, or pay higher premiums as a penalty. You are a different case since you have SSD. You are eligible for part B two years after being approved for SSD, and since it is retroactive to your filing, most people approved for SSD get medicare part A (hospitalization)immediately.

    Having said that, since your husband has insurance, apparently through his employer, you can be covered under his work policy without a penalty if that coverage is better than what you would get under medicare part B. However, the amount of your coverage is determined by whatever company his employer chose as an insurance carrier. So, unfortunately, you will have to call his insurance company to find out exactly what percentage of your bills they will cover. If it is only 20% as you were told (and that is very possible) you should probably at least look at part B and possibly even a supplemental policy called a "Medigap" policy. The medigap policy had the same 7 month no-questions-asked window as medicare parts A & B.

    The reason the SS person didn't tell you anything about your husband's insurance is because each insurer is different and they probably didn't know how much coverage you had through him. I know it is really confusing, so if there is anything I didn't clear up (or made worse) please let me know and I will try to do better explaining it!! Hope this helps.
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    Thank you so much,I will have to print this out and then call. It is so confusing.
    My husband insurance would pay more,dont you think.BUT can I wait ubtil I am 65 or when my husband reitres?And since we have too much in retirement wouldnt that mean I wouldnt qualify.OK<bad luck,what exactly should I ask my insurance sompany?
    I dont know how you can figure this all out,my head is spinning.
    Thank you and god bless you
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    but we had training just so we can answer these questions.

    Since you are covered by your husband's insurance you can wait to sign up with a RX coverage plan as long as what you and your husband have now is at least as good as the minimum guidelines set forth by Medicare. Ask your husband's insurer for a "Letter of Portability/Creditability" this will protect you and prevent you from future penalties when he retires and loses that current coverage.

    Make sure BOTH of your names, dates of birth, etc are on the letter and keep it in a safe place with your other important papers. This is your proof that you are covered and will eliminate penalties if the current RX and health coverage are as good as or better than Medicare minimums.

    Since each company has different guidelines, I can't say how much of your medication your husband's company/insurer will cover-best to call and be certain.

    Most companies offering Part D prescription coverage don't even look at how much money/retirement/savings, etc you have. As long as you live in an area where they are approved to offer coverage and are receiving Medicare A and/or B, you qualify. That is why you will have to do some research to find the coverage that best suits your needs. Good Luck!!!
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    I am going to have to take all my vitamins,try to rest,and try to not stress LOL..and then maybe I can get this done.Thank you so much for your help.
    Youre Good Luck in my book.
    God bless you
    PS If I find the secret to NO STRESS ,I will be on this board in a flash.

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