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    I am sorry to say I have not taken this opportunity more often. I have visited and read the sight a few times and posted a few ....Four years now fighthing after being struck down with FM /CFIDS Slowly more symptoms appear you all know fired from the job because I could not perform my duties but my disability co at work said I could work turned me down for LTD. Here I am 4 years later with an attorney who never submitted critical medical notes and letters asking the court for withdrawl because I would not sign a release for a tiny sum he said I agreed to. I HAVE BEEN BEAT TO THE GROUND but I am climbing out of the hole . To make this short and sour.. I have contacted the court with my story... and I have contacted the State Ins. Commisioner first they turned me down by the lying letter they rec'd from the LTD company but now they are looking further since I made a call. I am posting this message asking for troops to stay with me. Input will be a great help if I have permission to use it. 1. 2001 I went thru separation from my husband of 15 years heading for divorce two kids in late teens so because he was retiring I left my good paying job and moved to the litle town we were from. but I moved out and we lived in dump because he did not pay me a cent that year my daughter was held at gun point and alot went on I saw a psychatristhe put me on anti depressents I interviewed for the job Dec 01 hired and started Jan 14 02 Drove 50 miles each way worked hard but never had problems went thru the divorce let go moved on stopped taking one of the meds I kept a script for xanax as I had been on that since 98 on and off here is the kicker my stomach and lower right side was giving me problems in May aching and sharp pains went to an ob and then to my reg physician they thought I should have a surgeon look into my insides so July 5, 2002 I had my gallbladder removed my 42nd birthday woke to pain in my lower back I thought they had dropped me I kept asking why I hurt in my lower back and my legs go on not related dismissed sent home with vicodin the next day. The pain increased more drugs on and off to work thought my back was the problem finally went on short term and was put thru the mill dr notes send this send that I had finally gotten on my feet a nice place for me and my son I had bought a car with good gas mileage in Jan did I put disability ins on it why would I need that I am not sick I make good money but of course things got worse and on March 26 2003 I was denied LTD because I had taken medication for depression in the pre ext time and from there inside documentation notes boy did they dig and they walked my info into a LCSW oh yes this caused or contribed to her illiness. Sorry we are denying your claim for depression I did not make a claim for depression but I cried at the drs because they could not figure out whar was wrong oh fibro but no noted trigger point test that is in the notes from Mayo Feb 2004 the attorney did not send and the two letters June 2003 from the pschy I saw no connection all depression would be secondary because of the pain CAN ANYONE SEE THIS the attorney I hired in May 03 would never call or write me we had maybe 3-4 meetings the one in Oct 05 good case let's try for 150,000 I ask for 200,000 plus aty fees no proof he ever made that because one week before a mediation he met with me again my daughter could not come but my son and my mom were wther oh sorry if you go in this mediation that will take money away and you have to come up with 250.00 by next week you dont have a good case not even worth 10,000 From that day for two weeks I was in a fog I called him I know as my mother who is 70 was so confused and left him a message if I agreed to anything the answer is no. He called the next day oh sorry I sent that night, he never proved it but they turned down and offered 12,500. I was heavily medicated as the flare up and pain from this stressor and shock, how would I live and where that money is to provide a future for me and my sonI never agreed to the 12,500 because after he took his cut . So here I am the court is looking into it and the Insurance commisioner I have not heard the status I did received my SSD about 2 years ago and they back dated to April 2003 however food rent and of course there was bankruptcy Dec 2003 but I still have car payment and insurance so whay is left BY THE WAY AT THE SECOND MEETING HE PHOTOCOPIED A PAGE OF A LETTER FROM THE LTD DATED DEC 2003 he was using that he had not done a thing to help me To give you this background was for a purpose they say that I took medication for depression and 9 months later this caused my Fibromyalgia my CFS my HHV6 my lumbar radiopath.... . I live day to day not knowing how bad the pain will be, it has taken me 2 hours to write this as the burning in my shoulders the lower back and mid really hurts today the migrains I have that make me sick and throw up using a cane now because my knees go out or hurt if I could just find a way to supplement my SSD by 500 I could live a little better IT is not greed that puts me here it is justice and truth and this disability company is know by many for the fraud and scams and hurt they have caused to people. Dateline and 60 minutes have exposed them it is possible the good old boy attorney is being bought off hiding that he did not do his job he mentions that he had been going thru a divorce and preoccupied. I am asking for comments and permission to use these. I am going to attend the Fibro Coallition meeting this weekend. I hope to get support there As they were kind enough to offer scholarships to attend and my son is going with me to help me and my x paid for the room. GOD BLESS YOU as I know we are in this all together I wish I could change my ALONE and scared name that was done about 2 years ago yes I am here alone little family support or care but I have God and his grace that has helped me so much I stand and am not scared anymore. They say it is harder to live this life than it is to die And if this takes me til then I will keep fighting someday they will find a cure for this tragic illness we all face.
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    PLEASE put you post into paragraphs some of us canot read them when they are all pushed together.
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    please break up your posts into paragraphs of 2-3 sentences...

    right now it looks like word salad to me - ie, mixed up words - too hard to read for most of us.

    From what little I could digest, you are in the predicament many find themselves in... hopefully thru your church and other support alternatives you will be able to find a place to live on your own.

    I am interested in what you posted on my post about 'housing for CF/FM people' - about rural development agency of some sort being able to help low income people get a house.

    I have a friend who is in a similar predicament - between her and her sister they get a total of about $1,150/month from SSI, and they are paying $600 of that for rent! ... they're not even on a busline which means they have to have a car to get groceries at least... needless to say that leaves little left over to live on.

    On top of that, they have a couple of miniature dogs that the gov't agency (which approves where they live) are now telling them they have to possibly get rid of, so sad... they have nothing else in their lives.

    I'll be checking your posts, would really like to find out if there is any help some way for people living in the country on low incomes to get their own homes...

    all the best,

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