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    for a couple of my friends and myself.

    A few years ago , a private Co. , based in Calif. , opened a CFS/Fibro Clinic in Seattle. I have stated previously that I wish I could go there and suggested that other people try it. I have to say now that I'm glad I couldn't & didn't.

    A couple of my friends did go there. The Clinic is very expensive and they had great hopes of the help that clinic would give. After extensive testing and treatments , they both have pulled out of the clinic. The only "real" help they got was a severe shrinking of their bank accounts.

    In fact , one of my friends had a hearing coming up for SSD. That clinic wanted $800 plus for a letter in support of her claim for Fibro disablement. She went without their letter and fortunately was awarded SSD without that expensive letter.

    The clinic had formally DX'd her with Fibro and some related illnesses. After the hearing and limited gains from their treatments , they told her that she had Chronic EBV and Lymes Disease. They told her she had to start a new series of expensive treatments. After discussing their new findings , treatments , etc. with her GP & Rheumy , she decided to withdraw from that clinic.

    My other friend also decided to withdraw from that clinic for a variety of simular reasons.

    For these reasons , I no longer wish I could go there or suggest that PWC's and PWF's seek help from that clinic.

    I do still wish I had the energy and resources to see Dr. S. Shlifer in Poulsbo , Wa. on the "Good Drs. list" that can be found on this forum.

    Blessings ,

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    Thanks for the report. Been several similar reports on these clinics.

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    It's always a disappointment to find another clinic for FM that really doesn't help much, but costs plenty.

    So many of us are desperate to find help for this debilitating illness.


    Nancy B
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    I am sorry to hear that. My best freind was hurt on the job about 11 years ago and got RSD as a result of her injury. She was sent to a world reknown sports Dr Noyes.She had fallen and turned her knee cap completly around. He referred her to a Dr in Cininatti, 3 hours away from where we live.

    For 10 years she drove every 3 months to see him. Then about 8 months ago, she got a letter from Workmans Comp that they were dropping her. She won LIFETIME medical in her suit, so this was a big bomb. He Dr worked with her but was not able to reverse the decision.

    She was suppose to see him this month and could not reach them. Finally after many calls, including Dr Noyes she found out he had turned "dirty" and got caught. He has since left town with no forwarding address. This is probably why WC stopped their coverage, they knew what he was doing and pulled the plug on her.

    So she has been frantically trying to find another Dr, she has no insurance and has been taking Vicodan and other hard to get meds for 10 years. Our area is small and not a lot of choices for chronic pain clinics. She finally found one that would take her. They were cash only.

    When she told her long time pharmamcist about her plight, he told her they would not fill scripts for that clinic. They are a pill mill and are very close to being shut down.

    The lesson in this is be very careful about ANY Dr or clinic that does not accept insurance and does cash only business. As Bill said their only goal is to fill their pockets with the money from sick people looking for real help.

    It seems more and more of these clinics are popping up. I know nothing about the FFC clinics so I am not putting them down. Just a caution, the govenment is now starting to really take notice of these kinds of clinics. So just be careful and keep your wallet close. The other problem is the "good" Drs are getting tighter and tighter when it comes to giving pain meds to people that really need it because Big Brother is watching.

    I am sorry about your friend and hope he finds a good Dr to help him. Carla

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