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    I turned on the news yesterday morning and heard the news of the death of Brittany Murphy. I was so shocked and saddened when I heard she had passed. I loved her as an actress - I thought she was extremely beautiful and talented. I always wondered why she wasn't in more films, because I thought she was such a terrific actress. One of my favorite movies of hers was "Just Married" with Ashton Kutcher. I thought that movie was hysterical, and I thought she was brilliant as a comedic actress. It is such a shame that she never really reached her full potential.

    I have been reading a lot on the internet about her death. So far, the cause of death has been said to be natural. I have read that she suffered from diabetes, a possible heart condition and a possible thyroid condition. I have also read that she was very ill days prior to her death - her husband has said she had laryngitis, and she was taking medication for that. I have seen a lot of speculation about a possible eating disorder or drug abuse. Apparently quite a few meds were taken from her home - the list I saw included:
    "Topamax (anti-seizure medication also to prevent migraines), Methylprednisolone (anti-inflammatory), Fluoxetine (depression), Klonopin (anxiety), Carbamazepine (treats diabetic symptoms and is also a bipolar medication), Ativan (anxiety), Vicoprofen (pain reliever), Propranolol (hypertension, used to prevent heart attacks), Biaxin (antibiotic), Hydrocodone (pain) and various vitamins."
    (Read more:

    The article said she was "in possession of an astonishing array of prescription drugs". That upset me a little, because I have been on all of those meds (or similar ones) at one time or another to treat various medical problems. So the word "astonishing" bothered me a bit. If Brittany had chronic medical problems, I don't think that list is at all astonishing.

    Every time another celebrity dies, and prescription drugs are thought to be part of the cause, it really makes me wonder what that person really had going on in their life. Sure, there are many celebs who can get any meds they want, and some of them do probably abuse these drugs, when they aren't really needed for a medical condition. But Brittany's death also brings to mind Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson. All of them were taking similar meds at the time of their deaths. Could any of them have been suffering from Fibro? I am just wondering why we never hear about any celebrity suffering with this illness. The reason I wonder about this is because of the types of meds they are taking. All of these are prescribed to treat Fibro (with the exception of the heart or diabetes meds). I remember seeing someone interviewed after Michael Jackson's death, and he said Michael suffered with severe, chronic, musculoskeletal pain. What caused it? I just wonder about these things when I hear about them. And I have heard that Paula Abdul suffers with a chronic pain condition. Is it Fibro? They always just say she is in a lot of pain from previous injuries.

    Anyone else ever wonder about this?
    I dunno....I just find her death very sad - only 32 yrs old. And she had recently said she had plans to have a child soon. Her life was just cut too short. Maybe it ultimately was her heart condition or her diabetes combined with a viral illness...only time will tell. Maybe she was too thin, and low potassium/magnesium levels cause by that and combined with her illness contributed to it. But I just find it really scary for me personally, since I do take many of the meds that are similar to what she was taking. Could the combo of these drugs caused her death?

    I asked this same question way back about Anna Nicole (I think I was in a chat room here) and the person quickly replied back to me that she was just a drug addict and she overdosed. But was that really the case?

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    to hear of another young life lost. I had heard that she was struggleing with an eating disorder. It reminded me of when Karen Carpenter died @ the same age. K-Jade,you may be too young to remember who she was! Anyway she struggeled with anorexia and bulimia and as a result died of cardiac arest. I think so many of these young celebs are so ill equipped to deal with the pressure that is placed upon them. I think of how difficult life can be for those of us who aren't under the scrutiny of the press,it's no wonder a lot of them implode! Very sad none the less~~~Jeanne
    P.S. Jam, sad to hear of your daughters' loss. I know that now there is a lot more attention paid to the grieving process and recognition of the pain and loss the parents' feel in situations like this. I can only imagine how difficult that must have been.[This Message was Edited on 12/22/2009]
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    Drug related deaths, do make us stop and think.

    Unfortunately Anna Nicole and Heath Ledger died of drug overdoses. Michael Jackson died as his doctor was giving him a drug that should only be used in surgery and not for helping one sleep.

    They were taking or given a dangerous amount of medications probably from different doctors or obtained illegally. They may take some of the same meds. we do, but we are doing it because our medical condition and hopefully under a doctor's care. I guess I am confused why you would think their situation is like ours. Are you saying these people really had Fibro or CFS?

    Sad, very sad, but I would not waste my time overanalyzing this young woman's death. We will know when we know.

    The combination of drugs she was taking was astounding as several of the medications such as ativan, clonazepam, for example, probably should not be taken together. I think that is the astounding part. The combination of medications,not the amount.

    Take care.

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    When they took these drugs out of the house, they were not all hers. At least one belonged to her mother, who was staying there, and one or two belonged to her husband. The press made it sound like they had been prescribed to HER in THEIR names. Honestly, the media can really go overboard at times like this, and maybe she wasn't actually taking all those drugs listed.

    Kjade, my first thought was also of Karen Carpenter and the anorexia/bulemia issues, but my second thought after seeing the list of meds was also of fibro/cfs. Who knows?

    They also said though that her hubby was not the nicest man and some of her friends quit being friends when she married him...that he was a controller. Yes, who knows? But so, so tragic...and so, so young!

    Anyway, I agree that taking meds does not make one a "bad" person, as media seems to conclude all to quickly. If that were the case, most of us would be

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