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    homicide/suicide...gun, pain pills, alcohol and dirty football....I've come to detest that so called sport...never loved it, but like it less as I age....the damage it does. And the inhumanity of it all, but the game must go on, the money must be goes the NFL/AFL...and the money they pay these kids to get their brains and bodies beat up....too bad they don't pay the "kids" more to go to wars and maybe come home or maybe not and if they do come home to deal with scars of it all.....this part of america I'm not proud of at all.

    Now a little 3 month old is left without parents.

    It will probably never end, we just see and hear it all today...

    Or is it all part of the "plan"....whatever that is...

    60 Minutes had a segment last night on the opiate epidemic in our country.
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    It is a sad story. We are big football fans but the money and idolizing is out of hand.

    I got into a big discussion on Facebook about concussions and the effects on players 1 son has has 6 concussions two knee surgeries and many aches and pains but he loves the game.

    I don't know the answers because they will never ban the game.
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    I agree the pro players are paid entirely too much...but the fans are paying them, so can't blame the players. And since they are earning money, playing sports is their job.

    Horrible injuries come from many professions, not just sports. We're farmers and have seen severe injuries/deaths related to this profession. My DD is a physical therapist and has bulging discs in her back from 'catching' 200+ lb. patients as they fall. My niece works in the airplane line and watched a co-worker fall to his death from the top of a plane. Many jobs come with a high risk. Professions are matter of choice most of the time.

    High school sports is another issue. My son survived unscathed, but 2 DDs had knee/ankle injuries and still suffer with them 15 years later. Kids get concussions in basketball as well as football.

    As for the shooting incident, that happens with people not related to sports as well....such is life, unfortunately. Wish I had answers to it all, but there aren't any.
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    Was just convicted of shooting his wife at the preschool where she worked as she tried to cover their child and several others. He was considered sane enough to stand trial but his family says he's been hearing voices almost all his life. I don't know whether they tried to get help for him or not. One of my professors was shot by her husband, who then turned the gun on himself in the parking lot of the college.

    I'm glad they are paying more attention to head injuries in all sports. I hope we stop getting into ground wars around the world where our young people come home forever maimed. I hope and pray for better mental healthcare and understanding of what makes people become violent.

    I've had a couple of concussions while growing up, one of them severe. This last head injury has caused more problems than I could ever imagine. If I had anger management problems, I don't know how it might have affected me. I do know it caused a lot of memory and cognitive problems and now, this sinus infection has set me back again. Whine, whine, whine.

    People with mental problems and guns don't mix well. I love my guns and don't want anyone to ever be able to take them away but if I should ever become mentally unstable, I would hope my kids would do it.

    Love, Mikie
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    in LA about 4 people being killed in a "group" type home. I've paid some attention to it, but get tired of hearing all the horrible stuff that goes on and especially with our obsession for guns in this country, so many have them and I'm one who never held one and have to desire....that's the last thing I love..... I'm too much of a Pacifist....
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    . . . had been arguing with his wife and both went to bed. Later on she woke up with her husband repeatedly stabbing her. She was yelling and the kids came and the man stopped. The kids helped her get outside the home and neighbors came rushing to help her and the kids and called police.

    The husband then began stabbing himself inside the home. When police arrived the man was full of stab wounds and then died--he had killed himself.

    Domestic violence is way too high.
  7. Mikie

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    I love my guns because I love the sport of target shooting. I live alone and my guns double as protection. I pray I never have to use them for that but, as we've discussed here, there are a lot of violent people out there. When my Mom lived with me, I felt the need to protect her. A violent drug dealer broke into my cousin's house and held her and my aunt at gunpoint. They thought for sure he was going to kill them. Being a pacifist doesn't mean one cannot take measures to protect oneself. Identifying oneself as a pacifist is little protection from a stoner with a gun. The only time to draw one's gun is because one will likely die if one doesn't.

    If someone doesn't like guns and has no desire to have anything to do with them--fine. I don't judge them and hope they do not judge me. And, yes, I do know the statistics on accidental deaths from gun owners. We need a LOT more education on gun safety before allowing anyone the privlege (some say "right) of owning/carrying guns. On the one hand, the NRA offers gun safety classes but on the other, they lobby to block almost all laws, sensible laws, to limit gun ownership. No one needs personal assault weapons with huge clips full of ammo.

    Guns do make murder easier for someone intent on murder. That is why I believe we need better screening for gun ownership. Criminals will always find ways to buy guns. We can't stop all killing and crime. I did a lot of soul searching before I bought my guns and started to carry. This is just my own opinion and, as I said, I understand, and respect, others' opinions on guns. It's a good thing we have a place where we can discuss issues without being judgemental.

    Love, Mikie

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    and that's what is great about america, we can express them...Mikie, I have lived alone for 40 some yrs and owning a gun never entered my mind....we just have very different mindsets on this one. As far as education on guns, that could be well and good, but in a fit of anger that education goes out the window...guns are put in our lives to cause harm and kill...that's how I see it...the military aren't trained to not use not kill.

    Guns never settle anything, just make things more horrible and as always no judgements on what each of us think, we all live in our own minds and we are all, for the most part, are strangers just passing thru. But we do share a lot of life with strangers....good way to get things off chest that we can't do otherwise...
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    also go to when my daughter was married and with her ex for 17 yrs, she and the kids lived with a gun case in the living room and that NEVER set good with me. I always feared that situation. My former sil was/is not a gentle calm person and it took the child protective services to order that gun case removed when the domestic issues in their home began. It worried me for a long time. And yes he's a card carrying NRA member. What do people realize/know when they marry, not enough for sure.
  10. jaminhealth

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    not had a gun, they would be alive and the child would grow up with her parents, very very sad all around.

    I say get rid of them all, then the police wouldn't need to carry them either...that will never happen though. I can dream....[This Message was Edited on 12/06/2012]
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    Diane, I totally agree with you. Anything can be a weapon. It's not the gun that kills, it's the insanity of the person holding the gun. If it weren't for guns, they would find another way. There have always been mentally ill people killing people...running cars into the water, putting babies in microwaves, whatever.

    Maybe we should ban televisions and some songs that promote the violence. And cars...and just about everything. There is no way all the mentally ill people can be caught and treated. Violence has gotten worse, but the majority of these have been proven to be caused by a 'trigger', and I'm not talking gun triggers. We need to hope people will seek the help they need. That's the major problem.

    By the way, my nephew committed suicide at the age of 14 with a gun. The gun was locked up in one room, and the bullets hidden in the closet of his parent's bedroom. I don't hold either his parents or the gun responsible. I would give anything to have him back, but he'd made up his mind to do this, and would have found another way if the gun hadn't been there. He was ill.
  12. jaminhealth

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    skillets, knives, fists will always be with us, I'm just anti gun (anti war) they go hand in need for them, violence is all we get from them. America is #1 in romancing the guns...big huge business too.

    Don't even shoot animals, I say. Just a dreaming peace seeker here and guns are not in that peace scenerio....the dali lama I'm sure never had a gun or JC for that matter....

    Buses and autos and planes kill too, but we won't eliminate them...
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    My mom had a mental illness and after I became disabled and she physically and emotionally was abusing me, she took all my big carving knives and had them all over my kitchen counters. She put something in my food that made me sick and throwing up all the time. So I couldn't eat anything she prepared or gave to me and could only eat things that were fully sealed and then I would unseal and cook myself.

    When the authorities came in, they viewed her actions with all the knives as a threat to me and felt she would potentially kill me with the knives and it was a definite threat, especially since she had been hurting me so much physically already and punched me in front of them. It's why they forced her to leave.

    If someone wants to kill another, they will find the tools to do it. Whether it be an ice pick, an axe, poison, carving knives, box cutters, letter opener, and any number of items that can be used. Later someone helping me clean the closet found Mom had accumulated over 24 industrial metal box cutters with blades exposed and ready for use--and I was a wreck realizing that she had all these and how close I came to having them used on me.

    I realize that Mom had a mental illness and was gathering things to potentially kill me. Her mother had the mental illness too, Mom had it and now her brother has it. But make no mistake, Mom could gather any number of things to kill me in any number of ways. Imagine 24 industrial box cutters and how that would have killed me quickly, she could have sliced my throat and veins in my legs and arms and I would have have moments before I was done.

    Mom died in October of this year and I'm still not over what she did. For a long time, I felt unsafe and I still don't feel safe even with her gone. That will come to me with time.
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    It is just plain VIOLENCE and if anyone wants to do harm to someone they can and will find a way. If there is mental health issue there is even more of a chance for some kind of violence or murder to occur.

    If it is not a gun it will be something else even just the hands to choke someone or beat them up with any kind of object he or she wishes.

    I do not have a gun myself but my DH has rife and he is thinking about possibly purchasing another but not sure. I never shot anything nor want to but that is my choice. If someone was trying to do violence to me or to my husband not even sure I could shoot it. However, maybe I would . I understand why others would want to have it for possible protection.

    I understand why anyone would want to have one just in case needed. Yes there definatly needs to be A LOT stricter gun laws on who purchases one or tries to !! What happened with that grandsson that killed his grandparents I think with a hammer - OMG, what a horrible thing. I cannot even imagine and they were trying to help him out

    Two cats - I can imagine how you must still feel -how awful for you !!

    Hugz to awl
  15. jaminhealth

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    guns = violence.... This was a violent act caused by a gun. A friend at bridge talked about again how she lost her husband to a gunshooting, he was a policeman, then she lost a daughter who was about 20 to a gunshot, a jealous boyfriend....
  16. Mikie

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    I am so very sorry for what happened in both your lives. TwoCats, I don't see how one ever feels safe after what you went through. God bless you and I pray for peace for you.

    Jole, suicide is so horrible for the survivors. I've seen so many on shows like John Edward and their grief is so deep. People who have survived suicide attempts say that at the last minute, when it's too late, they all wish they had found another way to deal with their demons. It solves nothing and leaves a trail of grief for loved ones. God bless you too.

    We have so much violence in this small town and much of it is related to drugs. There is the occasional anger management incident which leads to violence. There is so little help for people who are in distress. It's only after tragedies, like the Aurora theater shooting, that piles of evidence come to light to show a very disturbed individual.

    I pray for peace.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Mikie

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    We will just have to agree to disagree. I see your point of view and respect it. I think we all dream of a utopian world without violence and the tools of violence. Maybe in the world after we leave this one...

    Love, Mikie
  18. TwoCatDoctors

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    Years ago, people with mental illness were easily put away in institutions even when they should not have. Then that was broken and they were given more rights that made it harder to put people away so people with mental health problems that normally years ago would have been in mental health facilities no longer are automatically put in them. Authorities cannot force them to get help.

    I found that out with my Mom. The authorities asked her about 3 questions and because she answered them, even though she was presenting what they considered very dangerous signs towards me, they could not force her to get help. But they knew she needed help. This is where it becomes very hard on victims. the court had to step in to give protective orders that she kept violating. Eventually if she kept it up, the judge would have no choice but to order her to the mental health hospital for a 72 hour mandatory evaluation. Someone got to her and told her that could happen and she left me alone after that fearing she would be "institutionalized like in the old days."

    For help on violence, I think there are many way of tackling the problem:

    I would suggest we start when children are very young and teaching them ways of resolving problems with talking out problems, without fists, without bullying, without violence. Some kids never learn it at home and are victims of violence from their own parents (me included) and their own neighborhoods. School sometimes becomes a place for bullying. I encourage the afterschool programs in neighborhoods that allow children a safe place to go and an opportunity to learn.

    When my son was in daycare at college, they served them breakfast, snacks and lunch and I discovered that was because many of the children didn't get enough food at home and federal programs covered the meals at college daycare. A child to be so hungry must hurt and make them eventually angry. Maybe some of the subsidies we pay to farmers not to grow food, we could pay and have them grow specific fruit and vegetables for all the people that are hungry in the U.S.

    I would like to see some of the music artists respect women in their music, in their video presentations, on covers and when they preform. When they treat women as disposible in a video, it sends a message subliminally and in their face to the fans of that artist.

    I would also like to see young girls and women with classes emphasizing that poor treatment, physical violence, verbal abuse means the end of a relationship immediately--not 4 years from now-- and you walk away for good.

    I believe with all the incredible intelligence we have in the U.S. that makes smart phones, that produces Dr. Drew on Call and much more, we should be able to come up with some options for stemming domestic violence and rage violence.
  19. Mikie

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    In many situations of domestic abuse, the women are in denial of just how bad the situation is until it escalates to worse violence. I see it on Dr. Phil all the time. The most dangerous time is when the woman leaves. If there are children, everything is more complicated.

    In the Columbine shootings, one of the boys was making pipe bombs in the basement. His mother said she didn't know about it. What! Where were they stowing the guns they were target practicing with? As sneaky as it sounds, parents have to check their kids' rooms and know what is in garages and basements. Those boys were time bombs and, possibly, early intervention might have prevented the tragedy. High school is too late, though. I'll bet there were signs years before.

    We not only get violence from our town but they also come over from Miami. Two guys were knocking on motel doors claiming to be with the motel staff. When the doors were opened, they shoved guns in the people's faces and robbed them. One guy has his 45 with him and killed one of the robbers. The other took off but was caught. In another case, two guys broke into the home of a couple in their 70's and the man shot one of them. A single, older woman here shot an intruder. I take no joy at these senseless deaths but, in my mind, better the criminal than the innocent people.

    We have so many problems in our society that I'm sure they can't help but influence kids. The ganster mentality glorified in music is awful but it's protected under the First Amendment. In my mind, it's like yelling "Fire" in a crowded theater but the Supreme Court and I don't agree.

    My neighbors know I have guns and sometimes carry. We have a retired cop across the street who owns a gun. One of my single women friends owns two guns. We are all responsible and it gives all of us a little bit of security. It took Barb a bit longer as she is from Mass, where the gun laws are quite strict. She's never been around guns. For a long time, she was afraid I would accidently shoot through the wall. Her husband, who was in the service, laughed and laughed at that. I don't know what she was thinking I do with my guns, sit on the sofa and play with them? Now, she wants to go to the firing range with the cop and me and fire a gun. Oh, Lordie!

    I think if every child were wanted, nurtured and loved, it would go a long way toward a better world. Also, early intervention for kids at risk. It's a dream we shouldn't let go of.

    Love, Mikie
  20. jaminhealth

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    Piers Morgan and Bob Kostas on this Gun Issue. Turns out the "killer" here had 8 guns in his possession, and talking about other players who owned numbers of guns....WHY....

    Now from all this many of the players are turning in the guns, their loved ones, etc do not want these guns around, also many of the players are saying, they don't want them around "them".....

    Piers is always saying how his home country and the U.S. are so opposite on gun ownership, there are so few killings in England as compared to our country....I'll never understand the Gun mentality...certainly isn't in my DNA....

    Plus, these kids make far too much money today, yes to get beat up as they do, but they choose this world, all the players have gotten beat up forever, but never made the money the industry pays and makes today.

    America has their priorities so upside down, the wealthiest country in the world and one of highest poor too. [This Message was Edited on 12/11/2012]