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    As long as people with mental problems go without treatment and people with guns do not secure them. In FL, we have had so many kids killed by loose guns lying around. Owners of these guns do jail time. For the life of me, I can't understand why anyone with kids would leave guns lying around. One has to be so careful to ensure one's kids don't go to a friend's house where guns aren't secured too.

    There are so many shootings going on almost every day and we don't hear of them. It's easier to get a drivers license than buy a gun. Both can be deadly in the wrong hands but the guns can be horribly deadly in the hands of a mentally disturbed person. It's just too easy to get guns without any training.

    On the other side of the coin, I did read that thousands of home intruders were sent flying by homeowners with guns. Usually, the homeowners did not have to fire their guns; just letting the intruder see the gun was enough to cause them to flee. Guns have saved lives but we seldom read of that.

    Yes, it is still unbalanced by the horrible accidents and intentional shootings. I hope our Reps and Sens have the musket balls to stand up to the NRA. It's time!

    Love, Mikie
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    too many don't have safes in their homes and have children in the home, and you know how children are.

    Thinking way back into my childhood and that was a long time ago, I believe my one cousin was "playing" with his parents gun and showing it to his brother and shot the memory can't remember if the brother died or not...and no one is left in my family to ask....doesn't really matter at this point. There were guns in many homes even way back. MORE today and of course, the media.
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    on Randi Rhodes today, the topic is guns and has been for some time now...she has national audience and a man called in defending his right to own and is a NRA member and says he and some friends go for AK47 competition, they go to houses (I guess they have huge acres) and do AK competition... she blew him off. Unbelievable the fascination out was all so foreign to me. And still is in my world.
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    We'll just have to agree to disagree. I think it's way too general to paint everyone who owns guns with the paint brush of mental illness, especially the type of mental illness which apparently is behind some of the worst shootings.

    I can understand one's not having any desire to own a gun and not understanding why anyone else would, but to call those of us who own guns mentally ill is disrespectful. I respect your opinion that people should not want guns; please respect mine. I am a responsible gun owner and not mentally ill.

    Love, Mikie
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    stay out of this discussion, and tried real, real, hard.....but I have to say something....

    Mikie--I agree with you 100 percent on this one...only you have a much better way with words than I do....I, too have a handgun and a carry a female living alone in a rural area where it is the norm to have/be familiar with guns...I really don't like being lumped in with the sick SOB's who have been making the responsible gun owners look so horrible....

    I was raised around guns, and was taught gun safety, and to respect a firearm for what it could do...and we 'knew' not to play with them, or else...

    I actually have several firearms, but that is my choice to do I brag about It just is a fact of life here in rural PA. If someone breaks in, or whatever I want more than a broom to fend them off with, but that's just my opinion.

    I am a responsible gun owner, also...would a stabbing victim be any less dead??? What about beating someone to death with a baseball bat or tire iron?? What about sports cars that go 100+ MPH?? Where do we draw the line??

    Ok--I'm starting to openly ramble here, and probably opened a can of worms that I was hoping would quietly fade to page 2, but this thread keeps coming back, and I just had to say something...

    Paula >^.^<
  6. Mikie

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    There are hundreds of thousands of us who responsibly own guns and, you are right--we should not be lumped in with the sick individuals who do these horrible shootings.

    I think when something is too horrible for us to wrap our minds around, we look for simple answers but the problem isn't simple; it's complex. So many of these shootings involve young men who have mental illness, have been bullied, or are isolated socially, and have access to unsecured guns. Due to our lax enforcement of gun laws, some of them use guns legally bought. There are loopholes in our gun laws too.

    Most of us do not believe assault weapons should be made available nor the large-capacity clips. These are not needed for sport nor for self-protection. I think the word, assault, says it all. These are for one purpose only. Protection, especially if one carries, is best done with a smaller weapon which is easy to carry. No one needs a huge weapon or clip. In most states, one must carry without the weapon's being seen. That means a small weapon.

    When I go to the firing range, I don't need an assault weapon or large clips. I only want to stay proficient with my guns. It makes me a safer owner.

    I totally understand the fear that these horrible shootings engender but we will never get rid of all the guns in this country. What we need is better mental healthcare and better gun laws and enforcement. That won't stop every tragedy but it might stop one, or two. Even one life saved is worth the effort.

    I will never join the NRA as I don't believe they have our best interest at heart. They are spokespersons for the gun industry. They play on the fear of gun owners that the govt. is going to take their guns away.

    Despite the 22nd Amendment, I do not see owning a gun as a right; for me, it's a privlege and carries a large responsibility. According to the 1st Amendment, we have the right of speech but that doesn't mean we can say anything. We can't threaten others and we can't yell, "Fire," in a crowded theater. There are limits to these "rights." We need some limits on firearms.

    OK, now it's time for me to step down off of my soapbox. I understand that there are more opinions than mine on this touchy subject. I think we can learn from civil discussions and, hopefully, dispell some of the misinformation and fear.

    Love, Mikie
  7. jaminhealth

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    and as we know we'll just agree to disagree.

    I don't want a gun near me for any reason...when I think about this more and more I don't know how I made it to 74 and no guns in my life. And I've lived alone 40 some yrs since my divorce....

    I travelled for 6 yrs in outside sales by myself going all over the creation, driving to canada, driving many parts of the U.S. once I got to my airport of destination,even going into Mexico (took a friend with me) for a sales position I was in and NEVER did a gun enter my mind....

    And target shooting competition was never a thought.

    Guess I'm just a person who doesn't have much fear in my I'll end my soap too.
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    I don't have 'fear' in my mind, either...and as to my statement that I live alone, it was not meant to imply that I am afraid....not at all. After some of the life events I have been thru, there's not a whole hell of a lot that scares me anymore...I was just stating that in my neck of the woods, almost everyone has some weaponry of some kind...

    I, too, Mikie, enjoy going to the shooting range with a couple of friends and wasting some ammo...

    I guess some of us just have to agree to disagree on this touchy subject...

    Over and out!!

    Paula >^.^<
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    Perhaps the word, fear, was not exactly what I was looking for. I do not believe we own guns out of fear. I do have mine for sport and protection but it isn't fear that something will happen to me. I've just seen too many crimes here in our small town that I believe my guns may help me if such a situation should occur. I doubt that victims of these crimes ever believe they will die by such crimes. I don't believe that most of us live our lives cowering in fear. I just want that extra protection if I ever need it.

    Perhaps it isn't fear but revulsion which causes us to look at such tragedies as Sandy Hook and try to find ways to avoid more of these shootings. I think it's wise to do whatever we can to try to avoid more such tragedies.

    I do, however, believe the NRA plays on the fears of gun owners who believe the govt. is trying to take their guns. These militia survival types, who have unbelievable arsenals of assault weapons and armor-piercing ammo, do scare me. They own land and meet to practice "war games" for when they have to revolt against the govt. The FBI watches these groups closely. Unfortunately, these people make this their lifestyle for their families, including their kids. As I've mentioned, many believe there will be race wars in the future. These survivalists are more concentrated in the western half of the nation in rural areas.

    OK, I'm through too. I never have a problem with live-and-let-live, agree-to-disagree discussions. Honorable people can have differences of opinion and remain friends and respect one another.

    Love, Mikie
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    Agree 100 percent!!
  11. Puddleglum

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    Jam & Others...

    You can now order a sign for your front yard that states...

    "This Home is a Gun -Free Zone"

    You can google...the money supports your cause & allows you the opportunity to express your First Amendment rights in your own neighborhood!!
  12. jaminhealth

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    doing something like this in my 75th yr of my life....yikes, did I slip I'm still in my 74th.....

    Plus this in my mind would only insite trouble....

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    shot and killed by a 75yr old longtime patient....

    Thought I was done here, but it goes on and on....

    This 75 yr old carrying a gun to see his doctor and the
    52yr doc is dead.
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    of talking about this issue here, but the issue continues out there....and I know many keep on about the mental people on the streets, etc....

    Well, it's true so mentally unbalanced people in the world...and I think back to early 1980 when my aunt was approached by the govt (Reagan) that she had to take her
    son who was in an institution to her home and care for him. She was 60something and already had a mentally ill son she took care of at home, she was given 2 sons who had mental

    She couldn't take him into her home so the govt closed the institution and I understand this happened all over the country, so these people were put in motels to live their lives, those who couldn't be taken to the family homes...this was in Western PA where my family comes from...I don't know if my cousin is still alive, he would be about 80 and everyone is gone now but his sis back in Pgh and I haven't talked to her in yrs...maybe it's time to call her.

    It was all Reaganomics.....remember? Check Wiki on this. This is all part of recent history. My alternative talk radio brought this issue up the other day and it triggered my mind back to my aunt and her son.
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