another cymbalta thread, sorry...

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    but i would really love some feedback.

    to start, i have tried other anti-depressants (per request of doctors, despite i have no depression), and have had *horrible* side effects from them: anger, extreme agitation, racy heart, no sleep, and actually caused depression because of these side- effects, i believe.

    well, i actually have wanted to try Cymbalta, beings it's been approved for FM, in the hopes that it may be *the one* that finally helps.

    my insurance doesn't cover, but today, my doctor gave me 3 weeks worth of samples to try, and if it works, she said we may have an easier time getting the insurance to cover it.

    my questions:

    has anyone had the side-effects i've mentioned? and did you end up having the same side effects fromt he Cymbalta?

    i've been reading alot about how people w/ FM and depression, who take it, have had it help w/ the depression, but not the Fibro pain...

    is there anyone who's had it help w/ the FM pain only, and how?

    i'm really nervous to try it (because of past results w/ other AD's), but think i read somewhere where it works differently (like causes drowsiness), am i right on this?

    for those that it has worked for: have you been able to cut out the pain meds with it, or was the relief only minimal to where you had to continue w/the pain meds?

    my doctor also decreased my dose of pain meds, i guess in hopes that the cymbalta would make up for the decrease with them. i hope this works!

    any info anyone could give, would be greatly appreciated, i would love to have something that helped and not have to rely on pain meds so much.

    i appreciate any help anyone could give. thankyou.

    ps anyone have weight loss from it? i read where it can cause a decrease in appetite, i wouldn't mind losing a little of the weight that Lyrica caused!=)
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    the only side effect that I get is excessive sweating from head and other not to mention parts of the body. I have been on it for over 2 years for anxiety.
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    I was in a clinical trial right when it came out. I took it for probably 4 months and it didn't help the fibro or depr. I am very sensitive to meds and side effects, but Cymbalta didn't give me any just didn't help at all.

    I've tried MANY AD's because I have chronic depression that gets really bad at times. Prozac is the only one that's ever helped, but lately it's pooped out on me. My dr just has me increase my dosage when I hit a rough patch rather than changing meds (I've been under her care for several yrs.)

    From my experience, I suggest starting w a baby dose and gradually work your way up. Sometimes that will give your body more time to adjust to the med and the side effects won't be so bad. Good luck......H