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  1. Didoe

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    Since Shortie escaped late yesterday, its been mayhem all over.
    Mr. Boo knew he didnt have permission from the warden to be out solitary and kept trying to chase him back into the kitchen.

    The little guy likes climbing. He'll try to scale anything, aint no mountain high enough...
    He went behind the couch and tried climbing up the radiator-cat claws skritching on metal is not the most pleasant of sounds.
    As of this morning he's been stalking walls. Stepping back he makes a few silent calculations while eyeballing from floor to ceiling and with a running start of a foot or so, he shots forward, SPLAT landing 4 inches up the wall and slides down.
    There are toys, boxes, baskets all over, this hoodlum prefers scaling walls.
    When I was leaving, the Vet asked if his surname was also 'Mr.' ? I answered, no. And you can clearly see why, with a family tree where cats have kitchen rampages and are wall scalers, BooToo comes from a line of FBI poster boys w/one word names like Shortie and Buster.

    I was nervous about leaving the tiny but dangerous Black Bart of Brooklyn and turn in last night. If I pick him up he crawls up my chest and nestles under my chin so his head is between breasts---its a heart beat thing at this age--and promptly drops off. I laid him on a feather pillow and hoped he would sleep for a while last night until Mr. Boo woke up. It was very quiet all night and I found Mr. Boo sleeping with me. I turned over not wanting to think where #4 on the FBI's Most Wanted List had curled up.

    This morning after breakfast, Mr. Boo decided to take a leak in BooToo's teeny litter box. Mr. Boo's own litter box is the largest size and even that isnt big enough, he scratches the wall, the floor, every where. After peeing in the box corner, with BooToo watching right next to him and probably wondering WTF, he waits until Mr. B finishes, and promptly dives into the bathroom, and crawls into Mr. Boo's huge litter box and spreads himself flat out on a wide sea of used litter, laying flat on his belly peering at me and Mr. Boo...'watcha lookin at?'

    Mr. Boo stands in the doorway watching. Clearly Shortie had nothing to contribute except a brief tit for tat tinkle, he then hop skipped past Mr. Boo who knocked the back of his head with a big paw as Shortie dashed by him. They been hunting each other down since then.

    When Mr. Boo catches the tiny criminal, he confuses him with a soft toy, lays all 12 lbs on top of the sqweaky kitten and nibbles his neck and rolls him around. BooToo goes limp and submits to momentarily acting as a rag doll for Mr. Boo and when he's had enough, takes one dime sized paw and smacks Mr. Boo on the head, which seems to signal another round of Tag! Your IT!

    It's amazing to see how Mr. Boo holds himself back not to hurt this kitten while playing, as feisty and fresh as BooToo is. He whacks the older and much larger cat to come play, initiates a chase, tried eating his food yesterday. The only real tension the first day was Mr. Boo not wanting him to play with certain toys, so I set them aside. I feed them away from one another, Mr. B gets his dish first, but in a couple of months when they're eating the same food, it should be much simpler.

    I may start selling tickets

  2. Cromwell

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    why not a book on this "Diary of a Mad Cat Warden" you write well and you could sell the story...

    Love Annie
  3. Granniluvsu

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    Gee, these two sound like two toddlers or a little older scuffling and teasing each other. It is hysterical. Of course it also looks like BooToo is not going to be pushed around by Mr Boo or anyone else either. He is a really big tease from what I can see.

    How funny they both are !! Oh, let usknow when you write th book. I'll buy one too. It surely will make people laugh.


  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Annie. Get lots of pictures, didoe.

    I will put in my reservation for a copy autographed by all three of the co-conspirators.

  5. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    make a very good, "monetized", blog. Blogs about either dogs or cats are very easy to get ads for and, I agree, your writing is wonderful.

  6. texangal81

    texangal81 New Member

    Add a small puppy........
  7. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Add a rabbit (no need to take on "walks" in city)

    A fellow here made some neat "cat trees". Most were anchored to the ceiling. Some had large cat perches, or places to sleep near the ceiling. A few had to be jumped up to because didn't go all the way to ground (would swing).

    Anyway, pretty creative....and fun for the cats.

    Funny kitties. Beaucoup folie a deux, Boo and Boo two.

    cheers, bill

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  8. jmq

    jmq New Member

    for you and the wonderful updates! I had not smiled all day and your update made me laugh so hard. I feel so much better.

    I cant wait for a book!!! but it is a great idea. How about some family pictures to see this little criminal.

  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Regular pantomime act they seem to be, dont they then...those two critters and like i suspected has their warden wrapped around their little claws.

    Good thing I'm not there...prob would have spent all my time watching them swat each other and everything else and leaping and frisking about furniture and rooms.

    As it is, I have fond memories of myself as a little child joining in and frisking around with the bunch of little kitties which always seemed to be in regular supply...every few months or so....grew up with bunch of cats and only one dog at a time...

    now no cats...but some very demanding dogs...

    God Bless

  10. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    No one to blame but me.
    The dawn had barely broke when both cats crowed, demanding liver all around.

    Can you conjure up an image of walking in on a young child, who had just been doing something like, peering into a closed drawer, taking candy from a covered dish, trying to wiggle a forbidden cookie from a package, the kid whips around and seeing you attempts to look bewildered about how he ever got into the kitchen in the first place....suddenly there's intricate designs on the walls and ceiling that he studies as you stare trying to figure out what you just walked in on, without getting accusatory and giving the little thief time to create an alibi before extracting the truth?
    ya know the look I'm talking about? This would be Mr. Boo.
    BooToo doesnt give a hoot...we're talking naughty to the bone, bad without guilt, curious without caution, with a little weasel mixed in.

    I set up two dishes, one with adult wet and one with kitten wet and breakfast is served in separate areas so both eat in peace. Strange I should concern myself with peaceful eating when these two spend their days and nights strategizing how to attack one another.
    Not a full minute after nibbling on his baby food, BooToo trots into living room where Mr. Boo is at his usual spot eating his food, I'm sitting with him. The little brazil nut goes straight to the dish and joins Mr. Boo. Mr. Boo moves over an inch to give him room (did I actually see this?)and both continue eating silently.
    When Mr. B is finished his habit is to cover his food, for later. In fact he hovers around BooToo and tries to cover his food when Tater Tot is finished as well. Then its off for a group pee, first in BooToo's litter box and then they march off to inspect Mr. Boo's box and discuss whether its worth their time to drop anything off there.

    I was so tired I laid on the couch and thought okay, breakfast, full tummies, should be quiet for an hour or so. Something in minced liver spurs a cat to new heights of mischief. The races began, back and forth, room to room, banging into chair legs, couch frame, knocking one another into lamp wires, cords pulled, lights going out...I listened while nodding off. This went on for at least an hour.
    My feet were hanging off the far end of the couch. I guess my toes seemed like fair game, afterall BooToo was just introduced to cat treats yesterday and loved the small tuna flavored nuggetts, perhaps he thought, ah! dis bez a cwunchie tweet fo me? as he chomped down on little toe, waking me up.
    Mr. Boo is so well mannered that when Monstro is eating or cwapping, he sits patiently and waits until Mini Max is finished and ready to resume being rowdy.
    Finding toes inedible BooToo returned his attention to Mr. Boo by pouncing on his huge fluffy tail. This began yesterday...BooToo realized he has a long skinny tail that, while lying on his back, he can pull up into his mouth and suck on ...Mr. Boo's tail is longer and larger than BooToo, its fluffy and soft, like a big feather bed and thats just how BooToo treats his feather bed. He'll try to 'plump it up' by swatting the fluff with his paws usually when Mr.Boo is sitting quietly, watching him act silly. Swat, smack, jump back, smack swat swat and with a single swat Mr. Boo bops him without moving another muscle. BooToo retreats and goes in again, smack swat, 'dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee' weaving in and out taunting Mr. Boo...and they're off again.

    This morning Mr. Boo seemed to be pinning BooToo more aggressively. He completely pins him underneath, we're talking 3 lbs smothered by 12 fat & fluffy lbs, and Mr. B only moves himself to look down and smack the little troublemaker with a left, then a right, then goes for a bite on the neck...still without claws, but BooToo seemed to be overwhelmed and crying uncle alot this morning. I've held back, knowing they need to find their own balance, but when I found both cats' eyes were black with ears pinned back, I got nervous.

    'Okay' I announced, that's it!
    I scooped up BooToo, pulled Mr. B's litter box into the kitchen, took BooToos' into the bathroom with his little rug, food dishes and closed the door, to let both of them cool off. I expected each fighter would go to his corner, get hosed down and relax.

    Mr. Boo meowed, scratched at the door, knocked at it with his head..BooToo ran his face and paws along the door sill trying to get out to Mr. Boo...I let this go on for a few minutes, still unsure if they were complaining about each other or were upset I had separated them.

    Since their crying only went on I opened the door slightly and Mr. Boo came in, half collapsed on top of BooToo and then both dashed out of the bathroom to resume chasing each other.

    Well, if nothing else at least I understand now that as bad as it may look or sound, these two have already bonded and Mr. Boo is very protective and gentle. He's gone from being a baby alone to being a big buddy for a tiny kitten who thinks he's lion-sized.

    I'm stuck with all this kitten food...they're both eating Mr. Boo's food:-(

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    OMG, I would be worn out watching that go on all day. I would probably be tired of laughing too which is not a good thing if you are trying to each kitties manners. I don't think young kittens especially care if they have manners or not and ALOT of more mature cats could care less too. As you well know cats are very independant and do their own things !!!

    Thanks again for sharing. I love the tale of the tail that Boo -Too tying to fluff up Mr.Boo's Tail or should I say bed??

    Bye for now.


  12. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    Some of you might remember when Mr. Boo arrived he got 'lost' for a few hours when the doorbell rang and later I finally discovered him cowering near the back of the refrigerator, his eyes glowing.

    So before BooToo was picked up, I closed off the 'entrance' to the back of the I thought. This morning was wild, if you read the earlier post from today. By lunchtime (human time) they were exhausted and both went for a nap while I cleaned etc.

    Mr. B got up around 3pm and I realized Boo2 hadn't been up and he has been eating every 2-3 hours (nibbles dry and drinks). Mr. B ate went back to sleep around 4. I start looking all over for BooToo. Closets, under bookcases, dresser, behind, under, everywhere I thought something small and nubile could crawl. Except the fridge because from my view, it seemed closed off.

    Mr. Boo heard me calling and came out and we both were looking, over and over, calling Boo2. Mr. Boo actually understood he was missing, began pacing and followed me as I opened, kneeled down, checked again. Back into kitchen, checking under the counter, in closets we knew had not been opened since yesterday...nothing.

    Scared cwapless that a call to the vet was inevitable, I figured before calling up and making them angry and upset, I better move all the stuff blocking the space by the fridge, its the only place I haven't looked.

    Ironing board, broom, mop and a creeping black mass, looks up blinking at the light and realizing he'd been freed, dashed out and ran under the couch. I dont know who was more upset, me or Mr. Boo. I scolded (oh yes I did) him and while I did, he crept out back into the kitchen. Mr. Boo promptly pushed him on his back and laid on him and began licking him all over his belly and face. No smacks, just washed him.
    They were both hungrey so I opened 2 cans for each, but BooToo would only eat from the same dish as Boo. When he finished instead of going in his tiny litter box, he went directly into the bathroom and Boo and I heard Boo's litter box being smooshed around. We go take a look and there the tadpole inside this huge box of grit digging away, making a hole, then covering it, digging a second hole and finally creating a little well he was satisfied with...and turned to the wall and pooped. Mr. Boo looked up at me and I excused myself, leaving them both to take care of business.

    Since then, BooToo's been shadowing Mr. Boo, trying to walk between his feet, crawl under him...being a big baby. Mr. Boo seems very proud of himself for 'finding' BooToo.
  13. jmq

    jmq New Member

    Mr. Boo and Boo Too have GOT to become a book. I can just see them as clearly as sitting in your home. I laugh as I can see the expressions on all three of you.

    It sounds like Mr. Boo is the best big brother a kitty could have. I hope they let you get some rest before breakfast has to be served.

    Keep the stories coming...they have been the best anti depressant for me all week.