Another Day in the Trenches! And I'm Still Laughing!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by upoemaker, Apr 30, 2003.

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    Made it through another day with my graduating seniors. I must say that I have changed my tune with "my kids" since I started posting on the board. I realized that I don't really have to try to cram any more intellectual stuff into their little hormonal eighteen year old pea brains in the next three weeks. After all, they've been with me for a whole year! Just having encountered refreshing minds here, has helped me to see that my kids too, need another approach for the short term. We're doing all sorts of "fun" stuff...writing poetry, reading papers online, discussing "big" international issues, discussing a little bit of Shakespeare, I must admit, but mostly having a heck of a good time.

    Thanks to everyone who helped me out here.

    Those of you who are newbies like me should know that this is a wonderful forum with people who are just being themselves in the midst of horrific discomfort, public and private rejection and still manage to be wonderful inspirational folks for all of us.

    I send everyone lots of love!

    Thanks, everyone, for giving me the lift I needed to get my chin up and laugh a little!
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    Awesome! I am glad you are making the most of days that could otherwise be miserable. You have a great attitude!
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    Truly is good to hear and you will never know the precious gift you are giving those kids. I have been out of school for 20 some odd years now and still remember how awful I felt on grad. day. Unemployment was the highest it had been since the depression, my friends were going off to college, and the teachers were all just so negative, even my favorite teacher/class had us doing extensive research into suicides....So, hat's off to you shining so brightly at such a crucial point. Glad we as your FMily can lend you our support and love.Love, Rebel