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Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by Pixie, Feb 20, 2002.

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    Hello, to all caregivers, just wondering how all are and think of you often, I love working but this time of year is season here in Florida, and gets to be tooooo much for me with the girls sick, mom, support group, and my boyfriend, don't know how he puts up with me, seems not enough time in a day, I go to bed about 7 pm and get up like 3am, first thing, turn on webtv, make coffee, that is MY time, no one in their right mind would be up at that time of day. Ha, I am a hostess, my boss says he does all the work while I go around talking to customers, so long as I get paid, he said he has to hire people with personalities cause he don't have that, he's right, but a very nice boss. only work about 6 hrs a day, what gets me is 6 or 7 streight days, thats too much for me. then I go to one of my daughters, (which ever one needs me the most) and help with dinner or pick up kids, off season I spend more time with them, and really miss that, enough rambling, please let me hear from some of you and your daily lives, k?
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    I would love your job. Talking to people and meeting new ones all the time. Just enough contact to be friendly but not enough that they come as drop in company all the time.
    I updated my profile so you will know a bit about me.
    I guess you don't really miss what you never had. My parents were too young when my older brother and I were born and they never showered us with loving attention. They were older when my 2 younger sisters came along so they got most of the attention. Never really knew that I was missing out on hugs and kisses and having fun until my 2 sons were born. They are now 24 and 21 and they will still come up to me and give me kisses and hugs and they tell their father and me that they love us. So now I have the love I was missing all my life. And the fun of having a loving family.
    I like to meet people and try to help them stay happy I guess that is because until I met Don I had no one to make me feel wanted and happy and I don't like the thought of that happening to someone else. No matter what their age race sex. We all need to know someone loves or at least likes us.
    If you or Willow would like to be on the address exchange list just email me your snail mail address's. We send out cards and little things to cheer people and ourselves up. At christmas we had a secret santa exchange and got to know each other a bit more. There is a little mouse fridge magnet making the rounds and a gingerbread wood broche as well. Each person keeps it for 2 weeks and then sends it to someone else on the list. They say what adventures he has and it is a really silly thing but everyone keeps waiting to see who gets them next.
    So this is the way I spend my days. That and housework and cooking. Take care and try to relax.
    luv and hugs
    mom lynda
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    So glad to hear from you, I have 4 grandkids, 3 girls and a boy, all rotten, now I can say that but not anyone else, bet your grandson is spoiled I know my first one was and still is, she is 18 now and driving, (my car) never been to canada, or travled too much, cuz I raised my 2 girls by myself, and worked all those years, lost my husband 5 years ago, he had a stroke, really miss him, am dating a very nice man for the last 2 years, he is from ill. and has mad fl his home.
    Well better get dressed for work, and walk around talking, hard job ya know, will chat later, bye for now