Another dear friend has passed away

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  1. Nonie

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    Dearest Friends ,

    It was slightly over 2 weeks ago that our dear 93yr.old friend Pauline passed away , and now yet another friend is gone ...

    A few months ago , I posted here , asking for prayers for our dear friend IKE SMITH . His wife is the famous midwest historical writter , Florence B. Smith . He had had by pass heart surgery , after suffering a heart attack , and was doing well , untill they operated on his leg veins to correct some circulation problems he was having . Well he developed a "staph" infection , and it was not healing well . They operated on it , and the packing of course had to be changed 2 times a day . The nurse came thursday morning and changed the packing , and then apparently his daughter (who is a nurse) , changed the evening one , and later he developed some hemorraging . Unfortunately this is not uncommon when veins and ateries have been repaired . He passed away about 10 PM later that night .

    We , his friends , are of course devestated . He was one of the most likable persons I have ever met in my life ! He adored his family , and was a constant companion to his dear wife , Florence . They had been married since she was 16 yrs. old ! They had 3 adopted children , 2 daughters and a son , David , who was born with cerbral Palsy , and can not hear or speak . Florence would write out her manuscripts in "long hand" , and then Ike would type them on the computer for her . Her names were on the books as "author" , of course , but they were very deffinately a TEAM !

    Please remember this dear family in your prayers . I cant even imagine how hard it is for dear Florence right now . THANK YOU so much for your thoughts and prayers . GOD BLESS all of you .

    With much love & RESPECT . Nonie
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    I remember you talking about this family some time back. I will certainly keep her in my prayers. Both of my grandmothers lived longer than their partners, so I have seen both of them go thru this, One grandmother is still living and still going thru this. It is like it never ends. I hope she has her children close by, and that they are not 'too busy' for her.
    Will pray for comfort for her.

    Love and Prayers, Willow
  3. Cactuslil

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    Dear Nonie....I can't remember the specifics on this family but my prayers are certainly with his family and friends. Though he has crossed the veil to a better place, those loving him are still here, for now. I think of Rose and what she is going through with the totally unexpected death (crossing) of her husband.

    Take care yourself young and yours are also a regular prayer item around here! Love Lil'
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    ... to my prayer list. I am so sorry for your friend's wife and family. This is a hard thing to do. We would think this would be easier for those of us who know and love Our Heavenly Father, but if it is easier, then I can not even immigine what it must be for those with out that love and faith. I, at this time live in an attitude of prayer. I do it one day at a time. I pray God's choicest blessings will be upon this family. Love and Hugs, Rose
  5. Harmony

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    Nonie, I will certainly pray for Florence and her family at this difficult time and for you as being such a close friend. I pray that God's presence will be very near to all and His unfailing love and comfort will be felt.
    God bless you!
    Love and prayers,

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